Beverly Hills Sanitorium Proposed Conversion (1959)

Caption from clipping: Converting? — If plans go through, this airy white structure, one of four main buildings at Beverly Hills Sanatorium [sic], will be released to the use of city-county indigent, chronic-illness cases. Tubercular patients are fewer now. Not … Continue reading

Jane Keller Honored with Building Dedication

Caption from clipping: Careful, Doctor! — Dr. Nat T. Winston Jr., state commissioner of mental health, takes great pains (from his expression) penning an orchid on Miss Jane Keller at the dedication of a new building named in her honor … Continue reading

Jane Keller, Class of 1924

Nurse Jane Keller Funeral Rites Today Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. today [October 22, 1973] in Berry’s Chapel for Miss Jane Keller, widely beloved Knoxville nurse who died Saturday in Baptist Hospital of a chronic heart ailment. … Continue reading

Hospitals Increase Nurses’ Pay and Raise Rates (1966)

4 Knox Hospitals To Hike Room Rates Nurses’ Pay To Be Raised Knoxville News-Sentinel, August 23, 1966 [page not indicated on clipping] All four of Knoxville’s major hospitals will again raise their room rates effective Sept. 1, the third rate … Continue reading

Knoxville Hospitals’ Desegregation Status About 1963

The following image is a page from a publication that was found on-line.  Click here to view the image in its original PDF format. Click the image below to view a larger version. … Continue reading

Howard-Henderson Hospital Bought by Three Surgeons

Howard-Henderson Hospital Bought by Three Surgeons Knoxville Journal, November 28, 1945, Page 1 Three young Knoxville surgeons — all of whom served with the U. S. Army Medical Corps — yesterday signed a contract for the purchase of Howard-Henderson Hospital … Continue reading