Knoxville’s Hospital Building and Promoting Board Established 1896

The following text is from Standard History of Knoxville, by William Rule (pages 547-549).  The book was published in 1900. Knoxville Hospital located at the corner of State and Cumberland streets and standing flush with each street was established several … Continue reading

Drummers’ Picnic Fund-raiser for Hospital in 1896

Charity Picnic Given by Drummers at Fountain City June 24 There was a large meeting of the Drummers’ Picnic association yesterday which was attended by members of the association, chairmen of sub-committees and about twenty-five ladies representing the Hospital board, … Continue reading

The Knoxville City Hospital — an Essay by B. D. Bosworth in 1896

In one of our last week’s daily papers appeared the splendid article of Dr. S. R. Miller, which gave to the people of Knoxville the clearest possible conception of “The Ideal Hospital.” In striking contrast to this delightful exhibition of … Continue reading

Hospital Building and Promoting Board Applies for Charter (1896)

Soon To Be Incorporated.  Ladies of Hospital Board Applied for a Charter Yesterday The ladies of the hospital board have applied for a charter, as was decided to do sometime ago.  The chartered organization is to be the “Hospital Building … Continue reading