TMC’s Success; City Needs a Hospital — Newspaper Editorial in 1890

Knoxville Should Have a Hospital The Tennessee Medical college, now nearing the close of its first session, has been successful beyond the most sanguine expectations of its incorporators and faculty.  There are few medical colleges in the country that started … Continue reading

The Proposed Hospital: A Letter to the Editor in 1895

The Proposed Hospital.  A Well Citizen Expresses Himself on the Subject Editor Journal:  The suggestion has come from some quarter (and certainly not too soon) that Knoxville stands in need of an “up-to-date” Hospital.  The present small and incomplete City … Continue reading

Military Hospital at Camp Poland, Knoxville, in 1898

At Knoxville.  War Investigating Commission Inspects the Division Hospital in that City Camp Poland, Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 30. — Nine members of the war investigating commission party reached Knoxville today. They visited the division hospital and examined closely into the … Continue reading

Growing Need for Modern Hospital in 1891

[from the “Editorial” section] The opening of the third annual course of lectures of the Tennessee Medical college were appropriately observed at the college yesterday afternoon.  In his lecture Dr. Ristine said some very important things about the lack of … Continue reading