Growing Need for Modern Hospital in 1891

[from the “Editorial” section]

The opening of the third annual course of lectures of the Tennessee Medical college were appropriately observed at the college yesterday afternoon.  In his lecture Dr. Ristine said some very important things about the lack of hospital facilities in Knoxville and urged the matter very vigorously upon the large crowd present.  If he and his collaberators [sic] succeed in establishing a modern hospital here they will rank as public benefactors.

Not only is an emergency hospital needed, but there are so many cases where patients would do so much better at a well-regulated, well-appointed hospital than they could at home.  At the latter, they would have all the latest scientific hygienic surroundings and skill constantly at hand, and skilled nurses and physicians would be always in reach.

Knoxville is becoming altogether too large a city to do without a hospital.  It is understood that soon a plan will be laid before the council and the public which may solve the problem.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, October 2, 1891, page 2

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