Sad Death at City Hospital in 1890

A Pitiful Story

A Young Lady Dies Among Strangers at City Hospital.

The Victim of a Man’s Cruel Passion — The Terrible Secret and Story She Kept so Long

One of the sad things a newspaper man is forced to meet with occasionally has come to light at the city hospital.  A young girl of fine figure and pleasing countenance died among strangers, attended only the hired nurses and physician at that grand charitable institution.

The story that came repeatedly from the lips of that poor girl before her death, which occurred about eleven o’clock Monday night, was a pitiful one indeed.

The young lady’s home was not far from Knoxville, being near the little town of Concord, Tenn.  There she lived with her parents, surrounded by all the luxuries they could purchase for her happiness.  No troubles came into her path, she was free from all care with noting [sic] but her own enjoyment to look to.

Some months ago, so the story goes, she was going into a story not far from her country house when she was seized by a heartless villian [sic], who to satisfy his cruel passion, forced her to submit to him.  She could not recognize her assailant, and when she recovered her mind was dazed and she could remember nothing.

The terrible secret the young girl kept within her breast until about three months ago when she entered the office of the chief of police in this city.  To him she told the story of her ruin and to him she pleaded for aid.  She stated that she had never before disclosed her terrible secret and had ran away from home and parents that they might never know the truth.

Details were arranged and the unfortunate girl was placed in the hospital in this city.  Ever since her entrance there she has been nursed with all possible tenderness, and everything possible has been done for her.  She told her pitiful story over and over again, and expressed as her sole desire that the truth might never be known by her parents.

A few days ago she gave birth to a child, but it’s life was destined to be of but few hours duration.  The mother’s hours also were numbered and death calmly closed the eyes of the poor unfortunate late Monday night.  Thus was the pitiful story ended.

The young lady’s parents have been notified of the death and it is expected that the body will be taken to Concord to-day for burial.

The above statement of the case is that of the girl herself.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, December 17, 1890, page 5

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