KGH Class of 1938 Graduation Photo

1938 Class Graduation Photo

This photo of the Class of 1938 at their graduation ceremony was in the personal collection of Marcia Wyman (married Beamon Sherley Cooley, Jr., MD).  Marcia’s granddaughter, Anne-Wyman Black, donated the photo for our museum and archival collection.

For many years, graduation-related events were held at Broadway Baptist Church in Knoxville.  Graduation exercises were also held at Central Methodist Church in Knoxville, which is where this photo was taken.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel (May 22, 1938) has individual names (all women are “Miss”): Irene Payne, Pauline Hoffman, Praise Long, Faye Franklin, Helen Price, Montez Ray, Marcia Wyman, Myrtle Johnson, Mary Greer, Jane Keller, Rev. C. E. Lundy, T. H. Haynes, Dr. H. T. McClain, John T. O’Connor, Vera Graves, Hazel Marsee, Gladys Sue Barr, Margaret Anderson, Leafy Lundy, Martha Greene, Louise Guinn, Carrie Baker, Velma Mount, and Margaret Booher.
Rev. Lundy was Central Methodist pastor; Mr. O’Connor was city welfare director; Mr. Haynes was hospital superintendent; Miss Keller was training school director; Dr. McClain was hospital chief of staff.

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