Military Hospital at Camp Poland, Knoxville, in 1898

At Knoxville.  War Investigating Commission Inspects the Division Hospital in that City

Camp Poland, Knoxville, Tenn., Oct. 30. — Nine members of the war investigating commission party reached Knoxville today.

They visited the division hospital and examined closely into the provisions made for caring for the sick and the methods of treatment adopted.  Also the condition of the inmates.  A number of convalescents were asked for expressions by the commissioners.

No comment relative to the hospital was made by the commissioners save that it was an admirable location for a sick resort.  This concluded the day’s work and the commissioners returned to their private cars to prepare for tomorrow’s duties.

Source:  Cleveland, Ohio, Plain Dealer, October 31, 1898, page 8


Major David Hemphill Critically Ill.  Military Hospital at Knoxville Will soon Be Abandoned.

Camp Poland, Knoxville, Dec. 25. — Within another week the military hospital here will be a thing of the past.  The army hospital train from Fort McPherson, Atlanta, arrived this morning and left tonight with 42 sick soldiers.  The train will take these patients to Fort McPherson, where they will be attended until they have recovered.  They are from the Sixth Ohio, Thirty-first Michigan, Second Ohio, Thirty-first Michigan, Second Ohio and First West Virginia regiments.  Six patients are left in the hospital here.  With a single exception, they are convalescents who will likely be released this week.

The exception is Major David Hemphill of South Carolina, who is in critical condition, and may not recover.  Colonel Cornelius Gardner, of the Thirty-first Michigan regiment, is a very sick man, with heart trouble and pneumonia, but but his friends left tonight with him for his home in Detroit, Mich.

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