Riverside Hospital in 1917

Photo from the University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections, Identifier 0012_000067_000231  Riverside Hospital, located on Riverside Drive, was established around 1918. It continued to operate until 1927 when it became Riverside-Fort Sanders Hospital and moved to 1909 Clinch Avenue. Dr … Continue reading

Knoxville’s Hospitals — a 1917 Overview

The hospitals of this city are very interesting in their every detail. There are about thirty-five hospitals and sanitariums in Knoxville. The Knoxville General is constructed of beautiful red brick, with all the walls covered with green trailing vines. The … Continue reading

Borghild Alfreda Lund, First Riverside Graduate (1920)

Nurses Tender Reception to Riverside Graduate In honor of the completion of her course of training at the Riverside hospital yesterday, the student nurses of the hospital last night tendered Miss Borghild Alfreda Lund a reception at the hospital which … Continue reading

11 Graduate from Training at Riverside (May, 1923)

Graduation exercises of the nurses’ training department of Riverside hospital were conducted Monday night at the Nurses’ home, Riverside drive. A large number of friends of the graduates were in attendance. Diplomas were presented 11 [sic] graduates. Dr. V. D. … Continue reading