Sale of Riverside Hospital in 1918

[Part of] $98,100 Sale in Chancery Court

Joint Estate of Late Col. Strong and W. E. Monday, Sold

Probably the biggest land sale in chancery, in the past fifty years was that held yesterday in which the property in the B. R. Strong and W. E. Monday was disposed of by auction at the front of the courthouse, through J. C. Ford, clerk and master of chancery court when the property involved was sold at a price of $98,100.

Among the biggest items of the joint estate were the Riverside hospital, which was bought in at a price of $15,000, and the Victoria and Augustine flats, on Summit hill were sold together, bringing $50,000. The bidding was interesting and there were some twelve or fifteen purchasers, who took up the other property scattered over the entire city, and consisting of forty or fifty houses and lots.

Source: The Knoxville Journal and Tribune – November 9, 1918 – Page 5

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