Riverside Hospital in 1917

Photo from the University of Tennessee Libraries Digital Collections, Identifier 0012_000067_000231  Riverside Hospital, located on Riverside Drive, was established around 1918. It continued to operate until 1927 when it became Riverside-Fort Sanders Hospital and moved to 1909 Clinch Avenue. Dr … Continue reading

Bonzella Burgess Cook’s Bequest to Nursing Program

Bonzella was a precious person, friend, and nurse.  She is sorely missed by all whose lives she touched, especially the students who learned the art and practice of nursing from a KGH-trained professional. TCAT Recipient of $80,000 Scholarship Fund Donation … Continue reading

Evelyn Gamblin Bryan, a Nursing Legacy

Evelyn Gamblin Bryan died May 15, 2021, at the age of 94.  She was a World War II Cadet Corps Nurse and 1945 graduate of Appalachian Hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee.  After “returing” from nursing, Evelyn spent 30 years as … Continue reading