Eighth Annual UT-Nashville Medical Graduation (1883)

University of Tennessee — Medical College Commencement

The invitations are out for the Eighth Annual Commencement of the Medical and Dental Departments of the University of Tennessee — Nashville Medical College.  The exercises take place at 7 o’clock p.m., of [sic] the 27th of February, at the Masonic Theatre.  The orators for the occasion are I. r. Walton, of Tennessee, Salutatorian; W. C. Weaver, of Alabama, Class Valedictorian; D. M. Crosson, of North Carolina, Faculty Valedictorian; Faculty Charge to Graduate, by Prof. Duncan Eve, M. D.

R. E. Taylor, Texas, Chairman; A. L. Morris, Mississippi, Secretary.

Committee of Invitation — W. B. Mathews, Tennessee, Chairman; R. A. Thompson, Mississippi; T. E. Tribble, Kentucky; L. C. Schoolfield, Texas; C. C. Murphree, Tennessee; Leo. E. Bennett, Arkansas; W. E. Scott, Tennessee.

Committee of Arrangements — C. A. Ryder, Georgia, Chairman; J. W. Heron, England; J. T. Rushin, Alabama; L. E. Webb, Tennessee; W. G. Bogart, Tennessee; T. L. Patterson, Missouri; J. T. McCulloug [sic], Mississippi.

Committee of Reception — J. M. D. King, Georgia, Chairman; H. T. Caffey, Alabama; S. R. Keith, Illinois; E. M. Williamson, Tennessee; W. J. Fitzsimmons, Tennessee; T. H. Woodward, Minnesota; J. W. Crumpton, Mississippi.

Source: Daily American, February 20, 1883, page 8

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