TMC Alumni Banquet Held in Nashville (1901)

Alumni Banquet at the Tulane

Annual Reunion of Students of University of Tennessee.  Choice Menu

The Alumni Association of the Tennessee Medical College met yesterday morning, many members from a distance attending.  Dr. Perry Bromberg, class of ’94, was elected President; Dr. W. R. Sifford, Vice President, and Dr. Robert L. Hayes, Secretary.

Dr. Sifford read a paper on “Internal Hemorrhoids,” which was discussed by quite a number.  Special surgical clinics were given by Dr. Paul Eve, Dr. W. D. Haggard and Dr. T. H. Wood.

In the afternoon Dr. J. A. Gaines presented a paper upon “Disorders of Sleep.”  It was fully discussed by Drs. W. E. McCampbell, T. H. Wood, J. T. Reddick, of Paducah, E. C. Freeman and others.  Dr. Paul F. Eve made remarks upon the humorous side of the question.

At the banquet in the Tulane dining room last night covers were laid for sixty guests.  A choice and dainty menu was interspersed with bright responses to the various toasts.  The music was appropriate and delightful.

Dr. Paul F. Eve officiated as toastmaster, and at his side sat Gov. Benton McMillin.

The first toast was “The University of Tennessee,” responded to by Dr. T. H. Wood, who reviewed the history of the institution adn recounted its great achievements.  He was warmly applauded.

Dr. W. D. Haggard responded to the toast, “Progress of Medicine.”  The topic was ably handled, the speaker laying stress upon the discoveries of the century just closed.

Dr. Charles E. Brower spoke to the toast, “The Medical Student.”

Gov. McMillin was then introduced in response to the toast, “Tennessee.”  He spoke of his adopted State her resources and advantages, particularly in educational institutions, and more especially with reference to the university of the State.

Dr. R. O. Tucker kept his audience laughing by his humorous remarks on “Birth,” the topic assigned to him.

Dr. R. L. Hayes, by request, then favored the banquetters with a recitation entitled, “Sunday Fishing.”

A letter was read from Dr. Dabney, President of the University of Tennessee, expressing regret at his inability to be present at the banquet this year.

The entire festivities were replete with good-fellowship and pleasantry.  A number of alumni from a distance were about the festal board and the graduating class of this year was well represented.

The commencement exercises will take place to-night, at which time diplomas will be awarded and the formal programme presented.

Source:  Nashville American, March 26, 1901, page 2


Source:  Nashville American, March 26, 1901, page 2

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