Drummers’ Picnic Fund-raiser for Hospital in 1896

Charity Picnic Given by Drummers at Fountain City June 24

There was a large meeting of the Drummers’ Picnic association yesterday which was attended by members of the association, chairmen of sub-committees and about twenty-five ladies representing the Hospital board, King’s Daughters and St. John’s Orphanage which institutions are to receive the benefits of the picnic.

The ladies will appreciate Major Huger’s good judgment in appointing Mr. J. A. Hensley on the committee to wait on ladies.  Major Huger and Mr. Hensley make a team not to be surpassed for committee work of that class.

After the association adjourned the ladies present organized electing the following officers:

Mrs. W. S. Mead, St. John’s Orphanage president; Miss Georgia Albers, King’s Daughters, secretary; Mrs. L. C. Finnegan, hospital board, treasurer.

President Albers tendered the ladies the chamber of commerce hall in which to hold their business meetings and the ladies will there meet next Saturday morning at ten o’clock.

The ladies have all seen good service in picnic work in seasons past and they will work with zeal.

Mrs. Wm. C. Sanders, North Fourth

Source:  Knoxivlle Daily Journal and Tribune, May 17, 1896, page 10


Drummers’ Picnic Will Be Held at Fountain City June 18.  Ladies Organize and Appoint Committees and Canvassers.  Greatest Picnic of the Season

The committee of the Drummer’s Picnic association met yesterday morning with the representatives of the St. John’s Orphanage, Daughters of the King, and the Hospital Board.  They fixed the date for the drummers’ picnic at Thursday, June 18th, at Fountain City.  After this business was transacted the committee adjourned to meet Saturday, May 30th, at 10 a.m., in the chamber rooms.  The ladies from the three above named societies held a join session and perfected all their arrangements in regard to committees, etc.  These ladies have taken charge of the business of arranging for the picnic.

They organized by electing an executive committee composed of Mrs. Meade, as chairman, Miss Georgia Albers, secretary, and Mrs. Finegan, treasurer.

They appointed committees to canvass the city for donations to the lunch and refreshment stands.  The above named societies will receive all the net proceeds from this picnic and it is their object to make it as great a success as possible.

[List of names not transcribed.]

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, May 24, 1896, page 11


Simply Immense.  Drummers’ Charity Picnic a Howling Success.  Rain Did Not Seriously Interfere.  Was a General Holiday in Tow, and all Attended

Nearly everybody went to the drummer’s picnic at Fountain City yesterday and all who did so had a good time.  The picnic was a success and a goodly harvest was reaped for St. John’s Orphanage and the hospital building and promoting board.

The drummers’ picnic is the charity picnic of the season and this is so appreciated that yesterday when the procession started the street cars gave way and after the parade or anyway by noon, many of the wholesale and retail houses closed, that their employes might enjoy the picnic.  It was indeed a gala occasion and was a sort of general holiday, the business portion of the city appearing as on Sunday.

[Much more detail about the event in the article does not relate to the hospital movement and was not transcribed.]

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, June 19, 1896, page 3


Vote of Thanks.  Ladies of Hospital Board Show Their Appreciation of $212.18

The ladies of the hospital board wish to extend a vote of thanks to the management of the Drummers’ picnic for the $212.78 [sic] presented them from the proceeds of the picnic.  This adds a great deal to the fund and encourages their work in all its departments.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, July 3, 1896, page 4

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