TMC Program Approved by State Board in 1896

Tennessee Medical College Is Not Affected by Ruling of Medical Examiners …

The action of the State Board of Medical Examiners of Nashville Thursday in which they decided to recognize no medical college not requiring three terms of six months each, did not effect [sic] the Tennessee Medical college.

The Tennessee college is one of the seven in the state whose diplomas are now recognized by the state board. The remaining six are Vanderbilt Uuniversity [sic] medical department; Nashville University of Medicine; Meharrah [sic] Medical college, Nashville; and the Memphis Hospital Medical college.

The colleges not recognized and not included in the above list are the University of Tennessee Medical department and the Chattanooga Medical college.

[See separate article on this Web site for commencement news that followed in the original newspaper article.]

Source: Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, February 29, 1896, page 3

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