The Edna Stilwell Writing Award

This Award was established in 1998 by SLACK Incorporated, publisher of the Journal of Gerontological Nursing, in recognition of the contributions of Edna M. Stilwell, PhD, RN, C (KGH Class of 1952) as Editor of the Journal from 1974 to 1997.

The purpose of the Award is to continue Stilwell’s tradition of mentoring and recognizing authors in the field of gerontological nursing. All nurse authors published in the Journal are eligible for this Award, given to the author of the “best article” published each year. Co-authors from other disciplines are acceptable, but at least one author must be a nurse.

Entrants are nominated by Editorial Advisory Board and Review Panel members during blind review, and the winner is selected by a committee. Winners receive a plaque and a cash prize and are invited to join the Journal’s Review Panel.

1998 – Genetic Testing in Alzheimer’s Disease: Benefits, Risks, and Public Policy by D.L. Schutte; published in August 1998

1999 – Activities of Daily Living. Old-Fashioned or Still Useful? by J.A. Bennett; published in May 1999

2000 – Family Perspectives on Dying in Long-Term Care Settings by S.A. Wilson, and B.J. Daley; published in November 1999

2001 – Unknown

2002 – This is Heaven’s Waiting Room: End of Life in One Nursing Home by S. Forbes; published in November 2001

2003 – Bathing: Pleasure or Pain? by J.C. Dunn, B. Thiru-Chelvam, and C.H. Beck; published in November 2002

2004 – The Significance of Losing Things for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia and Their Families by B.A. Powers; published in November 2003

2005 – Therapeutic and Healing Foot Care: A Healthy Feet Clinic for Older Adults by M.M. Pattillo; published in December 2004

2006 – Staff Perceptions of Caring: The Importance of a Supportive Environment by S.K. Sikma; published in June 2006

2007 – Prevention of Transient Ischemic Attack and Stroke in Older Adults: Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions by E.T. Miller; published in July 2007

2008 – Managing Chronic, Nonhealing Wounds Using a Research-Based Protocol by N. Benton, T.A. Harvath, M. Flaherty-Robb, M. Medcraft, K. McWhorter, F. McClelland, C. Joseph, and F. Mambourg; published in November 2007

2009 – Promoting Health in Early-Stage Dementia: Evaluation of a 12-Week Course by L.L. Buettner, and S. Fitzsimmons; published in March 2009

2010 – Physiological Aging in Older Adults with Cancer: Implications for Treatment Decision Making and Toxicity Management by Stewart M. Bond, PhD, RN, AOCN; published in February 2010

2011 – Individualized Skills Training Program for Community-Dwelling Adults with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease by Alicia J. Curtin, PhD, GNP-BC; published in October 2011

Source:  Journal of Gerontological Nursing

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