Rumor-Mongering and Yellow Fever in 1888

[from the “editorial” section]

This is the time when the able-bodied liar gets in his best work.  There are sure signs that the before-mentioned a.-b. l. is alive and in our midst.  He is responsible for the silly, foolish and unwarranted rumors about this and that case of yellow fever.  The latest had the patient in the city hospital.  The hospital has just three inmates, and all three have been there at least six weeks.  It is not a bad time to muzzle the a.-b. l.

[Note:  Yellow fever was a huge Summertime public health problem in the South in the late 19th Century.  Yellow fever outbreaks reached epidemic proportions in various locations at different times.]

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, August 17, 1888, page 2

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