LMU Hospital School of Nursing 1913

The pages displayed below were scanned from the LMU Hospital Medical School’s yearbook, Neoplasm, published in 1913.  The nursing school section was entitled the “Accessory.”

1913 LMU Accessory Title Page

Miss Orlena Ewing Painter (1868-1928), LMU Directress of Nurses

Orlena Ewing Painter about 1912 (click for larger image)

Miss Orlena Ewing Painter, possibly an earlier graduate of LMU nursing school, was Directress of Nurses.

Only the 1913 graduates were identified individually.

John Brockman, a member of the class of 1913, became Tennessee’s first male Registered Nurse.  His biography will appear separately on this site, as research progresses.

Look for biographies of the graduates and students who completed in 1914 and 1915 on this site, as research progresses.

A list of names for each class, as published in the yearbook, appears below the gallery slideshow.

John Brockman, LMU Class of 1913

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  • Miss Mary Virginia Pendleton, of Virginia
  • Miss Dessie Frank Norman, of Tennessee
  • Miss Irene Eliot Solomon, of Georgia
  • Miss Mattie Louise Smith, of Louisiana
  • Miss Martha Eleanor Mauk, of Tennessee
  • Miss Mary Blanche Hicks, of Tennessee
  • Miss Annie Daniels, of Tennessee
  • Miss Bess R. St. John, of Tennessee
  • Miss Elizabeth Marion Harrington, of England
  • Miss Effie Henrietta White, of Tennessee
  • Mr. John Brockman, of Tennessee


  • Miss Viola Bruce
  • Miss Hazel Patton
  • Miss Flora Sexton
  • Miss Lucy Holcome
  • Miss Cleta Smith
  • Miss Una Perrin
  • Miss Anna Colgan
  • Miss Annie Washburn
  • Mrs. Anna Finley
  • Miss Jessie Smith
  • Miss Ada Farris


  • Miss Bessie Hardin
  • Miss Charlotte Williams
  • Miss Mae Leach
  • Miss Pauline Hurt
  • Mrs. Mattie Hall
  • Miss Irene Parham
  • Miss Mary Stallard
  • Miss Sadie Craig
  • Miss Mabel Conning
  • Miss Rose Montgomery
  • Miss Ida Watts

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