Nurses in Knoxville, 1921-1930

The table below contains the names of women listed as nurses in Knoxville City Directories between the years 1921 and 1930, inclusive.

Beginning in 1922, the City Directory professional listing was identified as “Registered” Nurses.

This listing probably came from the Nurses’ Registry, since the names appeared in the businesses, trades, and professionals advertisement section.  The listing does not contain every practicing nurse in Knoxville during the time period.

Many of the early nurses in Knoxville were not graduates of KGH School of Nursing.

Please note in the table, (c) to indicate non-white individuals was transcribed as it appeared in the City Directories.

SurnameGiven NameYear
AbbeyE J Miss1926
AbbyElizabeth Mrs1924
AdamsA L Miss (Alma L)1921
AdamsAlma Miss1922
AllenI P Mrs (Iva P)1928
AllenIva Mrs1924
AndersonB B Miss (Bessie B)1928
AndersonBlanche Miss1930
AndersonKate Miss1924
AndersonKate Miss1926
AndersonKate Miss1927
AndersonKate Miss1929
AndersonKate Miss (Kate T)1928
AndersonKatherine Miss1922
AndreEsther Miss1924
AndreSster Miss (Esther?)1923
ArmitMabel Miss1921
ArmitMabel Miss1922
ArmitMabel Miss1923
ArmitMabel Miss1924
ArmitMabel Miss1925
ArnoldN E Miss (Nannie E)1921
AsheGertrude Miss1926
AshleyLucile Miss1926
AtkinsSarah Mrs1926
AultL H Miss (Lennis H)1923
AultL H Miss (Lennis H)1925
AultL H Miss (Lennis H)1927
AultL H Miss (Lennis H)1928
AultL H Miss (Lennis H)1930
AultLennis Miss1921
AultLennis Miss1929
BairdOllie Miss1921
BensonE J Miss (Ethel J)1930
BergrenElsie Miss1923
BergrenElsie Miss1925
BishopN M Miss (Nellie M)1924
BlairGeorge A Mrs1921
BlairMyrtle Mrs1922
BoatmanMyrtle Miss1924
BogartBeulah Mrs1924
BohananVelma Miss1926
BohannanVelma Miss1927
BohlerJ L Miss1930
BohlerJ L Miss (Jean L)1928
BohlerJeanne Miss1929
BoringC E Miss (Clara E)1926
BoringC E Miss (Clara E)1930
BoringL E Miss (Laura E)1924
BoringL M Miss (Laura M)1926
BoringL M Miss (Laura M)1927
BoringL M Miss (Laura M)1930
BoringLaura Miss1929
BoyerL L Miss (Lina L)1929
BoyerL L Miss (Lina L)1930
BoyerLena Miss1924
BoyerLina Miss1925
BoyerLina Miss1926
BoyerMadeline Miss1927
BransonAllie Miss1924
BransonAllie Miss1925
BransonAllie Miss1929
BrazeltonE L Miss (Elizabeth L)1926
BriorKatherine Miss1921
BrittainTommy Miss1922
BrittonTommie Miss1921
BrittonTommie Miss1923
BrittonTommie Miss1924
BrittonTommie Miss1926
BrookshireC M Miss (C Myrtle)1928
BrookshireMyrtle Mrs1925
BrownMabel Miss1925
BrownMabel Miss1928
BrownMarie Miss1925
BrownRosa Mrs1922
BruceViola Miss1922
BurgerAmanda Miss1924
BurgnerAmanda Miss1923
BurgnerAmanda Miss1926
BurgnerHazel Miss1923
BurkhartB E Mrs (Mollie G)1929
BurrisO D Miss (Olive D)1923
BurtonL W Miss (Lillian W Mrs)1924
CanipeVirginia Miss1928
CantrellFlorine Miss1927
CarrollE B Miss (Etta B)1930
CaulfieldCatherine Mrs1924
CazierC L Mrs (Carrie L)1924
ChampionIrene Miss1929
ChapmanClyde Miss1929
ChapmanF M Miss1926
ChesneyTiney Mrs1928
ClaiborneLouise Miss1921
ClarkEulia Miss1921
ClarkR C Miss1925
ClarkRose Miss1926
ClarkRuby Miss1928
ClarkRuby Miss1929
CloydC B Mrs (Cora B)1921
ColganHelen Miss1921
ColganHelen Miss1930
CooperJ M Miss (Jettie M)1924
CooperK E Miss1921
CooperK E Miss1924
CooperK E Miss (Kate E)1923
CooperKate Miss1922
CooperKate Miss1929
CorneGladys Miss1925
CowellM L Miss (Mary L)1925
CowellM L Miss (Mary L)1926
CoxEdna Miss1925
CrittendenGertrude Miss1925
CrossM N Mrs1929
CuppE M Miss (Edna M)1927
CuppE M Miss (Edna M)1928
CuppEdna Miss1930
CuppMae Miss1925
DaileyM A Miss (Miriam A)1925
DaviesChrisie Mrs1921
DaviesM T Mrs1924
DavisM K Miss1924
DavisM K Miss (Minnie K)1922
DavisM P Miss1925
DavisRushia Miss1926
DawsonE L Miss (Eva L)1922
DawsonE L Miss (Eva L)1923
DawsonE L Miss (Eva L)1924
DeatonA B Mrs1925
DeatonF E Mrs (Frank E / Annabel B?)1927
DeblieuxWinifred Miss1922
DeblieuxWinifred Miss1923
DeblieuxWinifred Miss1924
DeblieuxWinifred Miss1925
DillonMary Miss1929
DixonMargaret Miss1921
DuffT D Mrs (Thomas D)1927
DugganB L Miss (Bertha?)1924
DugganBertha Miss1925
DuggarBelle Miss1929
DuggerMary Miss1930
DuningtonN G Miss (Nellie G)1928
EdgemanM A Miss (Anna M?)1925
EdmondsonThelma Miss1926
EdmondsonThelma Miss1929
EdmondsonThelma Miss1930
ElliottGoldie Miss1924
EstesAlice Miss1921
EvansRuby Mrs1921
EvansRuby Mrs1923
FelknorAnn Miss1923
FlahertyVirginia Miss1925
FlanneryL G Miss (Lelia G)1922
FloydKatherine Miss1921
FloydKatherine Miss1924
FlynnCatherine Miss1928
FrazierLillian Miss1921
FrittsE M Miss (Ella M)1929
FrostE B Miss (Ethel B)1930
FrostEthel Miss1923
FrostEthel Miss1924
FrostEthel Miss1929
GamblinGeneva Miss1928
GamblinGeneva Miss1929
GarrettIda Miss1921
GazayBetty Miss1929
GazayPauline Miss1924
GazayPauline Miss1925
GazayPauline Miss1929
GeorgeE E Mrs (Emma E)1930
GeorgeEmma Mrs1925
GeorgeEmma Mrs1929
GibbsLucky Miss1926
GleasonAnnie Mrs1923
GoansW F Miss1928
GoddardNell Miss1927
GoffH L Miss (Hazel L)1923
GoinsFlossie Miss1927
GoinsM J Miss (Mollie J)1924
GoodrichP R Mrs (Pearl R)1925
GoodrichPearl Mrs1924
GrandstaffAmanda Miss1925
GreeneElizabeth Miss1929
GreerM G Mrs (Myrtle G)1926
GreerMyrtle Mrs1922
GriffithCassie Miss1924
GrimesLena Miss1923
GrimesLena Miss1925
GrimesLena Miss1928
GrimesLena Miss1929
GrindstaffAmanda Miss1927
GrinstaffA J Miss (Amanda J)1922
GrubbsMargaret Miss1929
GuinnM M Miss (Margaret M)1927
GurleyRose Miss1923
GurleyRose Miss1925
HackneyVera Miss1921
HaleAda (c)1926
HaleAda (c)1927
HaleMattie Miss1927
HallM J Mrs (Mattie J)1926
HallM L Mrs1929
HallMattie Miss1924
HallMattie Miss1930
HallMattie Mrs1921
HallOra Miss1929
HallThelma Miss1924
HallThelma Miss1925
HamptonElizabeth Miss1925
HamptonGladys Miss1925
HarkleroadM A Miss (Mary A)1926
HarkleroadM A Miss (Mary Ann)1929
HarperH H Miss (Hattie H)1923
HarrisonAlma Miss1924
HarrisonAlmeda Miss1922
HarrisonAmelia Miss1923
HarrisonJ J Mrs1930
HarrisonJewell Miss1929
HartI D1923
HathcockM A Mrs (Mary A)1925
HembreeElizabeth Miss1929
HenryH A Miss (Hattie A)1925
HenryH A Miss (Hattie A)1929
HenryH A Miss (Hattie A)1930
HenryHattie Miss1927
HerrellN G Mrs (Nelle G)1928
HerringB M Mrs (Bess M)1927
HewettFlorence Miss1929
HewittC A Miss (Charlotte A)1929
HewittC A Miss (Charlotte A)1930
HewittFlorence Miss1928
HobsonA D Miss (Archie D)1923
HobsonArchie Miss1921
HollandRuby Miss1928
HollandRuby Miss1929
HolmesCarter Miss1925
HolmesCarter Miss1926
HolmesCarter Miss1929
HorneJ E Miss1921
HotchkissM A Mrs (Mary A)1923
HotchkissMary Mrs1921
HoukLucile Miss1929
HoyleR E Miss (Ruby E)1929
HoyleR E Miss (Ruby E)1930
HoyleRuby Miss1923
HoyneJ E Miss (Julia E)1925
HuffLucile Miss1923
HuffLucille Miss1924
HughesM A Miss (Myrtle A)1924
HumphreysM A Miss1921
IngrahamSusan Miss1926
IngramSue Miss1924
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1922
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1923
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1924
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1926
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1928
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1929
IrbyE R Miss (Edna R)1930
IrbyEdna Miss1921
IrbyEdna Miss1925
IronMattie Mrs1921
IsonMargaret Miss1929
IttnerB A Miss (Bertha A)1923
IttnerB A Miss (Bertha A)1925
IttnerB A Miss (Bertha A)1928
IttnerB A Miss (Bertha A)1929
IttnerBertha Miss1921
IttnerBertha Miss1924
IttnerBertha Miss1927
JenkinsUnivieve Miss1929
JenningsMary Miss1925
JohnsonLucile Miss1929
JohnsonLucille Miss1930
JonesA W Mrs (Alice W)1930
JonesE O Miss1926
JonesE O Miss1928
JonesEdna Miss1927
JonesL B Miss (Lena B)1927
JonesN H Miss1926
JonesOla Miss1927
KaneFrances Miss1922
KarnesMary Mrs1927
KarnsMary Ms1925
KavanaughK A Miss (Kate A)1925
KavanaughKate Miss1923
KavanaughKate Miss1924
KavanaughKate Miss1926
KavanaughKate Miss1927
KavanaughKate Miss1929
KelsieTillie Miss1926
KempRhea Miss1929
KempRhea Miss1930
KennedyEdith Miss1921
KennedyEdith Miss1923
KennedyEdith Miss1924
KingEva Miss1923
KnoxE M Mrs (Estella M)1921
KnoxE M Mrs (Estella M)1922
LambertDelia Miss1929
LambertDelia Miss1930
LaneMary Miss1924
LaneMary Miss1925
LapointEthel Miss1921
LawhonA B Miss (Ada C)1929
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1921
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1922
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1924
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1925
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1926
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1928
LawhonA C Miss (Ada C)1930
LennonM B Miss (Mae B?)1924
LewisC A Miss1921
LewisC A Miss (Charlotte A)1922
LewisEvelyn Miss1921
LewisEvelyn Miss1924
LewisEvelyn Miss1925
LewisEvelyn Miss1928
LewisEvelyn Miss1929
LinkousC L Mrs (Callie L)1930
LloydM J Miss (Mary J)1929
LodenMae Miss1927
LoftisFrances Miss1929
LongVelva Miss1929
LordHubert Mrs1929
LoveL H Miss (Lillian H)1924
LoveLillian Miss1923
LovellF A1926
LovellF B1926
LovettAnita Miss1926
LovetteAnnetta Miss1929
LowryViola Miss1925
LoyGeorgia Miss1921
LoyGeorgia Miss1922
LoyGeorgia Miss1925
LoyGeorgia Mrs1924
LunsfordBessie Miss1921
LunsfordBessie Miss1922
LuttrellG L Miss (Grace L)1930
LynchFrances (c)1929
MackeyMildred Miss1929
MarcumRuth Miss1927
MasonElsie Miss1929
McArtorElla Miss1923
McArtorElla Miss1924
McArtorEllen Miss1921
McCameyLouise Miss1927
McCamyM L Miss (Mary L)1925
McCarttJane Miss1926
McCartyMayme Miss1924
McCartyMayme Miss1925
McCloudM L Miss (Mary L)1921
McCloudM L Miss (Mary L)1922
McCloudM L Miss (Mary L)1929
McHugoElla Miss1922
McHugoElla Miss1923
McHugoElla Miss1924
McHugoElla Miss1926
McKeldinE R Mrs (Eula R)1927
McKeowanMattie Mrs1925
McMahanAlgie Mrs1926
MillerL G Mrs (Lillian G?)1929
MillsG A Miss1927
MinnisElizabeth Mrs1925
MitchellBlanche Miss1928
MitchellBlanche Miss1930
MitchellRuth Miss1925
MitchellRuth Miss1927
MitchellRuth Miss1928
MitchellRuth Miss1929
MolanM M Miss (Mary M)1925
MoltBertha Miss1926
MooreCarrie Mrs1928
MooreVelma Miss1929
MooreVelma Miss1930
MorganElla Mrs1924
MyersE H (Elizabeth H Mrs)1930
MyersFlora Miss1921
MyersFlora Miss1924
MyersFlora Miss1930
NicholsonD I Miss (D Irene)1927
NicholsonOlive Miss1929
NicholsonOlive Miss1930
NixonL D Mrs (Laura D)1923
NottinghamBlanche Miss1925
NottinghamM B Miss (Blanche)1924
NottinghamM B Miss (Blanche)1926
OsborneThelma Miss1929
OsborneThelma Miss1930
PackEthel Mrs1928
PalmerJessie Miss1929
ParhamIrene Miss1921
ParksElizabeth Miss1921
ParksElizabeth Miss1924
ParksH L Miss (Hazel L)1930
ParksHazel Miss1929
ParksM E Miss (M Elizabeth)1925
ParrottL W Miss (Lillian W)1924
PayneGertrude (c)1921
PearsonNora Miss1925
PetersonMae Miss1925
PiersonNora Miss1924
PopeEtta Miss1923
PopeEtta Miss1925
PriceLillard Miss1929
PriceLilliard Miss1930
QuinnM I Miss (Mildred I)1930
QuinnMildred Miss1929
RayFlora Miss1921
ReaganElla Miss1922
RectorA M Miss (Ada M)1930
RectorAda Miss1929
RectorG E Miss (Grace E)1921
RectorGrace Miss1923
ReedM G Miss (Mabel G)1924
ReedMabel Miss1926
ReedMabel Miss1929
ReevesVella Miss1925
ReevesVella Miss1930
RichardsRuth Miss1921
RigsbyMarjorie Miss1925
RochatL A Miss (Louise A)1926
RolenH T Miss (Helen T)1922
RolenHelen Miss1926
RolenHelen Miss1927
RoseElizabeth Miss1921
RothCarrie Miss1929
RountreeEthel Mrs1923
RouthG A M Mrs (George Ann M)1930
RowntreeE E Mrs (Ethel)1928
RowntreeE P Mrs (Ethel P)1925
RowntreeE P Mrs (Ethel P)1926
RowntreeE P Mrs (Ethel P)1930
RowntreeEthel Mrs1927
RoyFlora Miss1924
RussellE D Mrs1921
RussellMae Miss1921
RussellMae Miss1928
RutherfordNell Miss1921
RutherfordNelle Miss1925
SandersM A Miss1929
SandersM A Miss (Margaret A)1926
SandersM A Miss (Margaret A)1927
SandersM A Mrs (Margaret A)1924
SandersW A Miss (Margaret? A)1928
SaylorEdith Miss1929
SenterM E Miss (Margaret E)1930
SextonLenora Miss1929
SharpDella Miss1923
SharpEliza Miss1921
SharpEliza Miss1922
ShayJane Miss1922
ShoemakerH S Miss (Hattie S)1924
ShoemakerHattie Miss1923
ShoemakerHattie Miss1926
SiskD B Miss (Dixie B)1924
SkaggsZetta Miss1924
SloanBertha Miss1929
SloanBertha Miss1930
SmalleyLena Miss1924
SmithCleda Miss1930
SmithCleta Miss1929
SmithE M Miss (Essie M)1929
SmithHarriett (c)1921
SmithS L Miss (Sarah L)1929
SmithU P Mrs (Una P)1922
SouthardEmily Mrs1922
SouthardEmma Miss1923
SouthardEmma Miss1924
SouthernE T Miss1921
SpurgeonMary Miss1927
SpurgeonN E Miss (Narcissa E)1925
SpurgeonNarsissa Miss1927
St JohnBessie Miss1921
St JohnBettie Miss1925
St JohnBetty Miss1923
St JohnBetty Miss1928
St JohnBetty Miss1929
SteinmetzS M Miss (Sadie M)1925
StokesZ W Mrs (Zelma M)1929
StokesZ W Mrs (Zula W)1930
StokesZula Mrs1921
StokesZula Mrs1926
SumpterAlma Miss1924
TammAugusta Miss1926
TammGussie Miss1921
TammGussie Miss1922
TammGussie Miss1923
TammGussie Miss1924
TaylorC B Miss (C Bessie)1929
TaylorJ M Miss (J Maude)1929
TaylorKittie Miss1923
TaylorMae Miss1924
TaylorMae Miss1929
TaylorN M Miss (Nola M)1929
TaylorP M Miss1925
ThompsonVirginia Miss1924
TilleryMinnie Mrs1925
TilleryMinnie Mrs1926
TillettJoan Miss1929
ToblerMargaret Miss1925
ToblerMarguerite Miss1930
TrouttE S Mrs (Ella S)1929
TrouttElla Mrs1927
UnderwoodH R Mrs (Helen R)1930
VealB N Mrs (Blanche N)1929
WalkerR P Miss1930
WalkerRuth Miss1929
WashburnA L Miss (Annie L)1922
WashburnA L Miss (Annie L)1926
WashburnAnnie Miss1923
WashburneA L Mrs (Annie L)1925
WebbA E Mrs1921
WellsB C Mrs (Blance C)1930
WhiteA S Mrs1921
WhiteAlice Mrs1923
WhiteEffie Miss1921
WhiteM E Miss (Mary E)1924
WhiteRuth Miss1925
WhiteRuth Miss1926
WhiteRuth Miss1928
WhiteheadPearl Mrs1925
WhittenM F Mrs (Mamie F)1926
WilliamsIdyll Miss1925
WillisM O Miss (Mary O)1930
WillisMary Miss1925
WilsonElizabeth Miss1922
WilsonEthel Miss1922
WinkleJoan Miss1926
WinkleJoan Miss1930
WoodF M Miss (Frankie M)1929
WoodF M Miss (Frankie Mae)1930
WoodJ D Miss (Jewel D)1930
WoodJewel Miss1929
YoungFleta Miss1928
YoungFleta Miss1929

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