Knoxville Mental Hospital for Blacks Proposed in 1895

Colored Insane Hospital Site Selected and Work Will soon Be Commenced

The board of trustees of the East Tennessee Hospital for the insane, held a meeting last evening at the hospital and selected a site for the building for the colored insane  After considering the points of the beautiful property, it was decided to locate the building between the present buildings and the pike road leading to Concord.  They could not place it at either end of the main building.  By selecting the site they have, they have space in front to make a beautiful yard as they have done in front of the building for whites.

But what is of the most importance they will be able to supply heat from the same furnace and food from the same kitchen, which supply the building for whites.

Baumann Bros., the architects, have been set at work on plans and specifications for the new building which are to be submitted at a call meeting of the board of trustees, as soon as practicable.  Advertising for bids will then be made, and the building will soon be under construction.

The legislature passed a bill introduced by Mr. Heiskell at the late session, which appropriates $20,000 for said building and necessary equipments.  It will necessarily not be a very pretentious building, but it will be a good home and a good start for a better one later on.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, July 23, 1895, page 8

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