KGH’s ‘Negro Unit’ Praised in 1934

[The article contains a photograph of the building, but the digitized microfilm version is not clear enough to include here.]

The above is a picture of the Negro Unit of the Knoxville General Hospital.  This unit was built in 1933 at a cost of more than $200,000 and has a bed space of 100 beds for adults and 16 bassinets and is one of the best equipped institutions in the country, thoroughly modern in every respect.

Its construction was financed by the Julius Rosenwald Fund, the City of Knoxville, Knox County, the East Tennessee Hospital Association and the citizens in general.  This unit is a part of the Knoxville General Hospital (city) which is a 411 bed institution and is one of the four high rating institutions in the State of Tennessee, and one of the three hundred and seventy-nine highest rating institutions in the country, which feature places it in first rank for training nurses, interns, and specialists.

This Unit is operated and maintained by the City of Knoxville as a part of the City Hospital, caring for all colored patients of the city.  It is open to all members of the Knoxville Medical and Surgical Society (colored).  It was dedicated in September 1933.  The dedicatorial services were participated in by representatives of the City, County, local medical society, National Hospital Association, and the general public.  The principal address was delivered by Dr. M. O. Bousfield, President of the National Medical Association.

This splendid hospital, which fits into southern communities so beautifully, might well be adopted by any Southern city.  The plan from which it had its birth and is now operating, will be discussed fully at the coming session of the National Hospital Association, which convenes in Nashville, Tenn., August 13, 1934.

Source:  Atlanta Daily World, August 3, 1934, page 2

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