KGH and LMU Hospitals — Establishment Dates’ Discrepancy

Polk’s Medical Register and Directory of the United States and Canada was published in 1917.  On page 1416, there is a listing of hospitals and homes in Knoxville.

Knoxville General Hospital. 991 Cleveland pl. Est’d 1899. Capacity 125. Public. Med Staff. Supt, Miss Laura M. Pierson.

The official establishment date in all located sources is 1902.

Lincoln Memorial Hospital. 992 Cleveland pl. Est’d 1903. Capacity, 50. Public. Supt, J H Mauney.

No official date of establishment has been identified in located sources.

Of note, Mr. Mauney became the administrator at Fort Sanders Hospital when it opened.  Click here to read biographical information about him and his Knoxville home.

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