Class of 1930 Graduation

This photo of the Class of 1930 was taken in front of the hospital’s administration building.

1930 Graduation

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The class roster included the following graduates:

  • Iris Madge Bailey ~ Alabama
  • Nora Gladys Farmer ~ Virginia
  • Pauline Garrett ~ West Virginia
  • Willard Garrison ~ Tennessee
  • Pearl Hale ~ Tennessee (farthest left)
  • Grace Lucille Hamley ~ Mississippi (2nd from right)
  • Gladys Edna Marsh ~ Virginia
  • Georgia Vesta Maness ~ Virginia
  • Bonnie Gretchen Pelfrey ~ Tennessee
  • Mary Elizabeth Rogers ~ Tennessee
  • Mildred Lucille Russell ~ North Carolina
  • Eunice White ~ South Carolina
  • Lucy Anne Whelchel ~ Georgia

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Photo donated by Mrs. Martha Carter.

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