Two Hospitals Raise Room Rates (1953)

Two Hospitals Here Raise Room Rates

Knoxville Journal, April 8, 1953 [page not indicated on clipping]

Rates on rooms at two of Knoxville’s four hospitals have been raised, officials said yesterday.

St. Mary’s Hospital officials announced that the basic room rate on some 50 or 60 rooms had been increased 50 cents.  The increase was said to be on both private and semi-private rooms.

Rates at the hospital now are $8-$9.50 for semi-private and $10-$16 for private rooms.

Officials at Baptist Hospital said rates there were increased $1 for private rooms and 50 cents for semi-private rooms.  Prices now range from $12-15 for private rooms and $9.50 per day for semi-private rooms.

No increase has gone into effect at Fort Sanders, it was reported.  Rates there range from $8.50 to $12 for private rooms and $7-$8.50 for semi-private rooms.  He said no increase had gone into effect.

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