TMC’s Faculty Meeting in February, 1890

Faculty Meeting of the Tennessee Medical College — Commencement Day

The faculty of the Tennessee medical college recently held an important business meeting.  The attendance was large and matters of importance were discussed.  The committee selected to look about the city for a suitable site for the new College building and was not ready to make a definite report, and was given an extension of time.

It was decided to have the first annual Commencement exercises of the school on the 15 of March.

At that time the first years work of the school will end.  The attendance has been unusually large and more progress made than at first anticipated.  It is the purpose of the faculty to secure a good location and lay the foundation for the new college before commencement day.  A meeting will be held at an early day to take some definite action about the new building.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, February 4, 1890, page 3

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