TMC Football Team News (1895)

Football at Maryville.  Tennessee Medical College Team and Maryville Play Saturday

Saturday, November 16th., the greatest game of foot ball ever played this side [?] of the earth, will be played at Maryville, between the Maryville team and [the] team from the Tennessee Medical college.  A special train will leave Knoxville at 1:30 p.m., on that day and return at 6 p.m.  The round trip will cost [illegible] cents.

On the following Saturday, the 23rd., the Maryville team will come to Knoxville.

The medical pig skin kickers have arranged to play games, one with the Bingham college, at Asheville, and one with the U. of T., team.

Following are the positions of the med[illegible] men:  Pickens, center; McCorkle, right guard; Lacore, left guard; Hoffman, right tackle; McCarty, left tackle; Ledgerwood, right end; Lonas, left end; Wal[illegible], quarter back; Long, right half back; Williamson, left half back; Lee, [illegible] back.  Mr. Lee is captain.  The team is composed of as fine a lot of lanky [?], gritty, athletic fellows as you ever saw.

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Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 15, 1895, page 5


Medicos Defeated.  Rusult [sic] of the Football Game at Maryville.  Maryville College Wins in Fifty Minutes by the Score of 16 to 0 — Large Crowd Present from Knoxville

About 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon a special train carrying the Tennessee Medical college foot-ball team and a great many of their friends left Knoxville for Maryville.

The object of this visit was a foot-ball game to be played between the above mentioned team and Maryville aggregation of giants.

This was decidedly the cleanest game seen in this vicinity for some time their being not the least sign of slugging or ill-feeling between the players.

The game began shortly after their arrival and was played with snap and vim by both teams, but it was soon seen that the Knoxville boys were lacking in experience and practice.

Knoxville winning the toos [sic]-up, took the east goal.

Maryville kicked off and the ball went down near the center of the field.  Then came the tug of war but Maryville with their excellent interference, which was almost impossible to break up.  Bell soon carried the ball across the “Meds” line for a touch down.  Failing to kick goal the score stood 4 to 0, in favor of Maryville.

Knoxville then kicked off and the ball was downed on Maryville’s thirty-yard line with Maryville in possession of the ball.

They slowly but surely pushed toward Knoxville’s goal until within ten yards of their line.

But Maryville was determined.  They then tried between right tackle and end and succeeded in making the third touch down.

Goal was kicked by Nuchols and the score at the end of first half stood 16 to 0.

In the second half Knoxville kicked off.

The ball was downed on Maryville’s thirty-five yard line.

After about ten minutes of beautiful playing Maryville again took the ball over for their fourth touch down.  Failed to kick goal.

Knoxville kicked off and then happened the only accident of the day.

Belk caught the ball for Maryville and was charging down the field with all speed when Long (M. D.) made a good tackle throwing him to the ground heavily.

In falling Belk lit on Long’s head, hurting him badly.

Belk, who has a weak back from playing last year was also seriously hurt.

The other “Meds” then showed their skill by bringing the young men around all right.

The referee then called the game on account of the injured players being unable to finish.

The game was called from the end of the first half, giving the game to Maryville, 16 to 0.

From last accounts the unfortunate young men were doing as well as could be expected.

The line up was as follows:

Knoxville Maryville
 LaCore center Gamble
McCorkle right guard Davis
Pickins left guard Price
Hoffman right tackle Silcox
McCarty left tackle Wolf
Norwood right end Humphries
Lonas left end Snyder
Lee full back Nuchols
Long right half Belk
Williamson left half Lutz
Walters quarter back Takahashi

Referee, H. Gibbins; umpires, Eisenhart and Goddard; linesman, Deaderick.  Time:  50 minutes.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 17, 1895, page 12


A Foot Ball Accident

Dr. McCorkle, a student at the Tennessee Medical college, suffered the injury of a broken nose while practicing foot ball yesterday afternoon.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 22, 1895, page 5


Will Play Again To-Day.  Maryville College and Medicos to Battle at Football

The Maryville giants will again buck up against the Knoxville medical team in a game of foot ball at Baldwin park this afternoon.

The game last Saturday between these two elevens resulted rather disastrously for the doctors but they claim that the experience and knowledge of the game acquired on that occasion more than counterbalanced any dishonor by reason of their defeat.  These teams are about equally balanced as to weight and with this week’s practice to their credit the doctors have their part of the skill also.  The game promises to be very interesting.  Go out and see it.  It begins at usual time.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 23, 1895, page 4


Game Lacked Snap.  Medicos and Maryville College Play Football.  Rather Uninteresting Game at Baldwin Park Yesterday Afternoon — Maryville-Bingham Game

The game of foot ball at Baldwin park yesterday afternoon between the Maryville team and the Tennessee Medical college team was to say the least not the best exhibition of the sport that has ever occurred here.

Both elevens displayed a lack of snap that is incompatible with successful foot ball.  After the teams wer [sic] lined up it would take from one to three minutes to put the ball in play.

The teams are about equal in weight and yesterday’s game gave the impression that they were also about equally deficient in science.

The entire game was characterized by fumbles, very poor interference and higher tackles.

The Medics kicked off and Maryville returned the ball to their 25-yard line.  They then lost the ball on a fumble, but the Medics took it, but soon lost it on downs.

Maryville now does the only creditable playing of the game, for by sending Lutz around left end and Hamilton around right end the ball is carried to their opponents’ 15-yard line.  At this point Hoffman, right tackle for the doctors, gets a severe blow on the head and is laid off, Turner taking his place.  After a few minutes more playing the first half ends with the ball on the Medics’ 20-yard line.

The second half beings by Maryville kicking off and downing the ball on their opponents’ 20-yard line.  It was pushed back and forth in the neighborhood of this line until the end of the half.

The game had to be cut short in order to allow the Maryville boys to catch their train, but it is doubtful if the result would have been changed had the full time been occupied.

The Blount county boys had slightly the better of the game for the doctors were not able to get the ball out of their own territory a single time.

The line-up was as follows:

Maryville Knoxville
Gamble center LaCore
Wolfe right guard Pickens
Davis left guard McCorkle
Silcox right tackle Hoffman
Humphrey left tackle Carty
Smith right end Roney
Snyder left end McDonald
Takahashi quarter back Walters
Lutz Rt. half back Long
Hamilton Lt.  half back Williams
Nuchols first back Lee

Referee, Gibbons H.  Umpire, Spence; Linesman, Belk.  Time of game:  Forty minutes.  Score, 0 to 0.

The Maryville team went to Asheville, Friday, to play against the Bingham school team, but on account of the failure of the latter team to abide by the decisions of the umpire it was necessary to call the game after ten minutes of play.

Although neither side made a touch down it seems that Maryville played the better foot ball and at one time had the ball within a few feet of Bingham’s goal.  The umpire awarded the game to Maryville by a score of 11 to 0.

The Medical college team will tackle the Binghamates on Thanksgiving day and it is hoped they will be able to agree a little better.  This game will also be played at Asheville.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 24, 1895, page 14


Medicos Again Defeated.  They Will Practice Some Other Game next Year.  U. of T. Boys Give Them a Good Drobbing at Baldwin Park Yesterday Afternoon — the Score

The University of Tennessee and the Tennessee Medical college foot ball teams met on the Baldwin park gridiron yesterday afternoon, and the result was the complete discomfiture of the latter team by a score of 40 to 0 in favor of their opponents.  The walk over is accounted for by the fact that the University boys are in excellent training and played a very fine game while the medics have not had the practice or the instruction of a competent coach both of which are essential to success in foot ball.

It was decided to play twenty minute halves but the score piled up so in the first half that the second was cut down to ten minutes.  From the time U. of T. picked off at the beginning of the game until the whistle blew for the end of the first half the Hill boys had it all their own way and without much exertion made touch-down [sic] after touchdown until the score stood 36 to 0.

In the second half the University boys made but one touchdown and failed to kick goal on this one.

The best playing for the Medics was done by Lee, Pickens and McCorkle while Booth, Lyman, Donaldson, Rodgers and Sienknecht were the stars for the University team.

The line up was as follows:

U. of T. T. M. C.
Booth R. E. Hargis
Donadlson R. T. Lonas
Smith R. G. McCorkle
Patterson C. LaCore
Rogan L. G. Pickens
Rodgers L. T. Hoffman
Lyman L. E. Roney
Chapman Q. B. James
Maloney R. H. B. Long
Sienknecht L. H. B. McCarty
Warner F. D. Lee

Time of game thirty minutes.

Touchdowns:  by Sienknecht 4, by Lyman 2, by Rogers 1.

Goals kicked by Rogers 6.

McCarty was injured and laid off Turner taking his place.

Referee, Gibbins, H.; Umpire Spence, S.; Lineman, George.

A crowd of about 100 witnessed the game from inside the fence and about 150 saw it from the outside.

Today’s game probably ends the season in Knoxville and in spite of the forebodings of anti-foot ballists no one has been killed or seriously injured.  The young man who was said to have been badly injured in a practice game at the medical college some weeks ago does not owe his present critical condition to foot ball, for although he was slightly hurt in a game it was because he was not in a fit condition to play.

There have been several bruises and bloody noses resulting from games but no injury has been received by any of the players, of sufficient severity to lay them up.

Foot ball has taken hold in the south to such an extent that it is now as popular on this side Mason [sic] and Dixon’s line as on the other, and it is hoped by all lovers of athletic sport that another season may see Knoxville wide awake enough to have a good eleven in the field.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, December 1, 1895, page 14

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