TMC Applies for Charter and Adds Dental College

A Dental College in Connection with the Tennessee Medical School

A meeting of the promoters of the medical college soon to be established in this city met at Dr. Ristine’s office, at 11 o’clock yesterday morning, for the purpose of further perfecting arrangements for the immediate opening of the school.

The final discussions and suggestions relative to the application for a charter were made at this meeting, and it was at last gotten into a satisfactory shape.  The incorporators [sic] placed it in the hands of the county clerk yesterday morning for registration, and the charter will be granted in a day or two.

It was also unanimously voted to establish a college of dintistry in connection with the medical college, which will be done at once.  Drs. Wm. H. Richards and Reuben N. Kesterson have been proffered the professorships, with the privilege of naming their assistants.  The dental college is an assured success from the start.  Scholars to the number of fifteen have already signified their intention of taking the course if the college is established.  The outlook for the medical school is just as flattering.

The college is called the “Tennessee Medical College,” a name which will shortly be familiar in the medical world.

The meeting adjourned shortly after twelve o’clock yesterday, and the incorporators [sic] repaired to the county clerk’s office to take proper steps in regard to making application for a charter.

The next meeting will be held at 10:30 Saturday morning, May 11th.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, May 7, 1889, page 3


The Medical School

The professors of the East Tennessee Medical College met at Dr. Ristine’s office at 11 o’clock yesterday morning and transacted some important business in the way of adjusting fees, etc.

A letter was read to the professor’s which had been received from a dentist way up in New Jersey, who had heard that a medical school was to be established here, and he desired to make application for the chair of Dentistry.  The next meeting will be held Wednesday morning at 11 o’clock.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, May 12, 1889, page 7

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