Annual Convention of Physicians in Knoxville (1892)

The Meeting Is Over.  Annual Convention of State Doctors Adjourns.  Some Papers Read Yesterday Morning.  A Visit to the Medical College and Lyon’s View Made

The state doctors who have been in session here for the past three days have adjourned and gone to their several homes where they are now prepared to saw off arms, legs, etc., in improved fashion.  All gained new ideas and were very much benefitted from their meeting.

Dr. Cowan, of Tullahoma, created considerable discussion by his resolution that preliminary examinations and a three term course of lectures be considered necessary before entrance to practice in the profession.  The gentleman spoke of how the profession was damaged by “tin horn” physicians who had given but little attention to study.

During the afternoon all the delegates remaining in the city were driven to the Tennessee Medical college here.  They were carefully shown through all its apartments and the institution was declared to be one of the finest by all who went through it.

Afterwards, those who desired were driven to the Lyon’s view hospital for the insane.

Upon their return most of the delegates took No. 1 for the west, and Knoxville is about depopulated of all the bright and shining visiting lights of the medical profession, who have been here for the past few days.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, April 15, 1892, page 3

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