TMC Announcement for 1894-1895 Term

Tennessee Medical College.  The Announcement for the Coming Year Is Out

The announcement of the Tennessee medical college for 1894-’95 was brought out yesterday in a neat pamphlet.  The pamphlet is very neatly compiled and contains a great deal of valuable information in small compas [sic]  concerning this progressive institution.

The session of 1894-’95 opens Monday, September 3, that is, the registration book is opened, and the regular session begins Monday, October 1, with an introductory lecture at 9 a.m.  On Monday, November 4, the disecting [sic] rooms open, etc., etc.

It has been a matter of great satisfaction, both to the faculty of the college and to the city, that the efforts of this college has [sic] been attended with marked success; and all the credit is due to the tireless and unremitting energy of the faculty.

This college was the first in the south to take the advanced step of increasing the requirements of attendance as a condition for examination for graduation, by adding one collegiate year and extending the regular course to six months, making three courses of lectures constitute an essential pre-requisite for graduation.

No other medical college in the south offers the same advantages for medical and dental education.

The pamphlet will be given a wide circulation.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, June 12, 1894, page 4

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