Three KGH Graduates Remember Nellie Ellis

On October 25, 2015, three octogenarian KGH graduate/relatives attended a family gathering and shared stories of their training and practice of nursing. A couple of stories were captured on the video (approximately 4-1/2 minutes) you can watch by clicking here.

At the beginning of the video, Boyce T. “Tom” McCall appears.  He is the older brother of Mary and Martha McCall (see below).  Tom married Jo Ella Tipton (KGH Class of 1954), his sister’s roommate.

Seated on the sofa are, left-to-right, Jo Ella Tipton McCall, Martha McCall King (Class of 1955), and Mary McCall McNamara (Class of 1954).  The younger lady seated to the right of the sofa is Martha’s granddaughter, Cynthia Nolan, a floor nurse at a Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.

The subject of the women’s stories, Nellie Ellis, was a 1923 KGH graduate and supervisor of the nursing students’ residence for many years.

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