Social News from TMC in 1893

Personal Mention

Dr. J. G. Foley, of Ky., is now associated with Dr. A. N. Kesteron [sic] in the practice of dentistry.  Dr. Foley is not only a graduate in dentistry, but a regular graduate of medicine.  Having accepted a chair in the dental department of Tennessee medical college, made it necessary for him to remove from his former location to the city of Knoxville.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, February 5, 1893, page 5


With Open Arms.  A Former Pennsylvanian Given a Royal East Tennessee Welcome

One year ago Mr. F. W. Creveling was enrolled as a student of Tennessee Medical college, taking the dental course.  At the close of last term he left for his home at Van Camp, Pa., and returned a few days ago, bringing with him one of the “Keystone’s” fairest daughters, and together they intend to make Knoxville their future home.  They reside at 609 Fourth avenue, and last night the neighbors and friends of the young man came unexpectedly upon the young couple, invaded the sacred precincts of the home circle, and from the joyous strains of music and merry peals of laughter it is evident that the happy couple were not only agreeably surprised but now something now of what a real, genuine East Tennessee welcome really is.  The invaders brought with them all that was necessary to make the evening one long to be remembered.

After social chat, music and refreshments the neighbors left with the pleasing though of having made the strangers feel perfectly at home.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 4, 1893, page 5


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