Local Railroad Needs a Hospital — Newspaper Editorial in 1891

An Urgent Necessity.  The E. T. V. & G. Should Surely Have a Hospital.  Some sort of Accommodations Should at Least Be Provided

A hospital for the E. T. V. & G. road is an urgent necessity.

Every few days some one is hurt on the system and brought to this city.

In the case of resident employes who have homes here it is not so bad.

But, especially at night, when injured men are brought to the city, there is no place where they can be taken for treatment.

Employes do all in their power to alleviate the sufferings of the injured, but their strenuous efforts often meet with considerable delay.

They have no authority to send the injured to the city hospital or any other place where they can be properly cared for, and when the physician called for arrives he has to obtain authority from the officials before he can remove his patient to the city hospital.

Physicians and employes do all in their power, but the company should provide suitable and comfortable quarters for the accommodation of those injured on the road.

It is understood that the East Tennessee company has virtually agreed to subscribe $2,000 to the Tennessee Medical college hospital fund.

That is well enough, but how long will it be before the amount necessary to erect the hospital will be subscribed.

In the meantime some provisions in the shape of rooms at a convenient distance from the depot building should be secured by the company for the accommodation of the unfortunate.

When the Medical college hospital shall have been erected it is understood that the faculty will see to it that an excellent system will be established between the road and the hospital.

Often unfortunate men and employes of the road are injured, brought to the depot and remain an hour or more before they are taken to a suitable place for proper treatment.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 29, 1891, page 3

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