LMU Hospital & Tennessee Medical College

The 1907 edition of Mountain Herald, catalogue of Lincoln Memorial University, contains the following statement, which indicates the approximate time LMU and TMC entered into an arrangement:

“Tennessee Medical College, of Knoxville, Tenn., is articulated with Lincoln Memorial University as its Medical Department; and is recommended to the students of the University who contemplate the study of Medicine and Surgery; and, also, to the students who wish to become trained nurses.  Tennessee Medical College was established in 1888, and ranks as one of the best Medical Colleges in the South; and the Lincoln Memorial Hospital, which belongs to the College and adjoins it, is one of the handsomest and best equipped Hospitals south of the Ohio river. … Lincoln Memorial University congratulates itself, its friends and students, on its educational connection with this College and Hospital.” (page 69)

The American Journal of Nursing (1908, Vol. 8, page 1006), reported, “Miss Hewlett, of the Louisville City Hospital, has accepted the position of Directress of Nurses at Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee.”

In the 1911 and 1912 City Directories, Lincoln Memorial Hospital is located at 992 Cleveland Place, across the street from Knoxville General (at 991 Cleveland Place). Lincoln Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses is listed for the first time in 1911.  Dr. W. N. Lynn was Superintendent of the Hospital and Medical Director of the School.

Tennessee Medical College was also listed in the 1911 and 1912 City Directories at Cleveland Place, corner of Dameron Avenue.  In 1912, Dr. C. T. McNabb was Dean.

In the 1913 City Directory, Lincoln Memorial University has assumed Tennessee Medical College.  Dr. C. P. [sic] McNabb was Dean.  James B. Malcom was Superintendent of the Hospital.  Dr. Jno. G. Hawkins was Medical Director for the Nurses’ School.

In the 1914 City Directory, Samuel D. Acuff is Dean of the LMU Medical College.  J. C. Edwards is Superintendent of the Hospital, and Miss Ethel Creekmore is Directress of the Nurses’ School.

In the 1915 City Directory, Jno. H. Manney was Superintendent, and Mrs. K. C. Templeton was Directress of the Nurses’ School.  In the 1916 City Directory, the only change was to the spelling of the Superintendent’s name:  John H. Mauney.

The advertisement below was published in the 1913 Knoxville City Directory.  Click on the image for a larger version.

LMU 1913 Ad

[This article will be amplified as time permits and historical records are located.]

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