Knoxville’s Educational Opportunities in 1896

Seat of Learning.  Knoxville Is a Great Educational Center

Knoxville, in this particular, be it remembered — is as much the educational center of East Tennessee and adjacent parts (to to speak of its right to literary and artistic distinction, to which it has also claims), as it is their trade, financial and manufacturing have.

University of Tennessee

The Tennessee Medical college, situated at the corner of Cleveland street and Dameron avenue, in North Knoxville, one of the highest points in the city, was founded in 1889.  It is, therefore, a comparatively new institution; but it has this advantage in that very fact:  It is modern in its methods, appointments, and facilities for mastery of the healing art.

It was established by professional men of life-long experience, with the assistance of others prominent socially and in a business way.  It originated with Dr. J. C. Cawood, one of the most prominent physicians of the south, who is its dean, and Dr. C. E. Ristine, equally notable, its registrar.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, April 16, 1896 pages 2-3


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