KGH Graduates in the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps

Recruiting Poster

Recruiting Poster

The U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps, established in 1943 by federal legislation known as the “Bolton Act,” created the nation’s first integrated Uniformed U.S. Service Corps and fulfilled an urgent need for nurses during World War II.  At that time many nurses were called overseas to military service, and others were attracted to the defense industry, while understaffed civilian hospitals in the United States were on the verge of collapse.

By 1945, U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps nurses were providing 80% of the nursing care in U.S. hospitals.

The U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps Web Site has an extensive history, including photos and videos, about this unique program.  Click here to read more.

Almost every graduate of Knoxville General Hospital School of Nursing between 1943 and 1948 (the Bolton Act’s existence) was a member of the Cadet Corps.

The listing below contains graduates’ names and the dates of their completion/graduation.  Names are listed as they were on enrollment documents.  You can use the search box below or scroll through the list.

Enrolled NameDate Completed
Alma Rene Allen6/16/1947
Alva Jo Ashe8/31/1946
Dean Austin6/1/1947
Imogene Smith Baker9/25/1947
Barbara Bernice Baldock10/25/1945
Irene Lucenda Barbe2/14/1947
Iva Grace Barry8/31/1945
Virginia Swoope Bennett8/31/1944
Helen Jeanette Bolling6/29/1947
Gertrude Olene Bradley8/31/1945
Virginia Nell Bradley11/6/1947
Judson Bragg8/25/1944
Cecile Velda Branson9/10/1944
Juanita Eunice Breeden10/5/1948
Marion Bernice Brock10/4/1945
Wanda Ruth Byrd9/5/1944
Gladys Selene Carson2/5/1948
Maude Lucille Chadwell9/16/1945
Lillian Fay Chatfield8/29/1944
Sylvia Anne Connell9/30/1947
Ilene Mae Cooke1/31/1948
Elinor Louise Cowan1/31/1948
Goldie Elizabeth Cowan9/6/1946
Nina Lois Cramer6/27/1947
Leora Mary Crum2/5/1948
Betty Lynn Daniel9/1/1948
Louisa Ruth Daniel9/6/1948
Dorothy Katheryn Davis9/10/1945
Mary Louise Davis1/31/1946
Patricia Ann Davis10/11/1947
Florence Anne Doyle9/6/1946
Lois Marie Duck1/31/1948
Anna Ruth Dye10/29/1947
Clara Mae Edens2/1/1948
Vivian Needa Edwards6/16/1947
Beatrice Lucille Elrod9/1/1945
Dorothy Beatrice Evans6/4/1947
Naewanna Fay Faulk9/1/1948
Katherine Louise Ford9/13/1946
Henrietta Estelle Foust9/14/1948
Elsie May Francisco9/14/1945
Alta Ruth Giles9/26/1948
Patsy Ruth Goins10/21/1947
Ethel Virginia Grahl8/31/1945
Lula Margaret Greene9/3/1945
Dottie Mae Greer9/3/1948
Pauline Greer2/5/1948
Margaret Rebecca Griffith8/31/1946
Fanny Elizabeth Hackworth8/31/1946
Billie Laughland Hammill8/27/1944
Mildred Ethel Heflin9/1/1944
Patty Rice Hodge10/5/1947
Dorothy Grace Hoffman8/27/1944
Margaret Joe Horn11/15/1948
Gwendolyn Howell7/18/1947
Agnes Louise Kellam10/24/1947
Georgia Helen Kerns2/9/1947
Nina Kerr8/15/1944
Verda Lee Kesterson8/31/1945
Mary Lou King10/15/1948
Barbara Lee Knight2/17/1948
Cora Elizabeth Lane9/22/1948
Mary Madge Lawson6/19/1947
Ella Bernice Lee9/15/1946
Charlotte Katherine Leonard10/17/1946
Hazelle Elizabeth Leonard7/9/1947
Lorraine Marian Lepper10/2/1947
Hazel Louise Long8/25/1944
Jerry Carla Maranville2/17/1947
Thelma Lee Masters8/31/1945
Betty Ruth Mays9/21/1944
Jennie Lynn McConnell9/24/1944
Helena Jewell McCoy6/29/1947
Geneva Kathaleen McGill3/18/1948
Edna Ruth Miller2/17/1948
Roma Murtrice Milligan9/23/1946
Shirley Agnes Millsaps3/9/1946
Evelyn Kerr Mullins12/12/1947
Vera Edith Mullins8/30/1944
Catherine Agnes Murphy10/5/1947
Elsie Marie Nelson2/7/1947
Marjorie Myrna Newberry6/1/1947
Ola Juanita Newberry8/8/1944
Norma Claire Oliveros8/31/1945
Mae Louise Parsley9/6/1945
Vivian Opal Peavley8/31/1944
Mattie Josephine Plaxco9/13/1945
Clarice Evelyn Price10/11/1947
Gladys Jean Price11/2/1947
Margaret Ann Price10/19/1947
Nell Albert Price3/6/1946
Katherine Marie Ray1/31/1948
Imogene Richardson6/25/1947
Freda Riffe9/4/1944
Anna Ruth Roberts9/13/1948
Jo Ann Roberts7/29/1947
Emelia Anne Rueter12/6/1947
Gladys Mae Scarbrough9/21/1945
Jane Self9/7/1944
Helen Dean Simmons3/24/1948
Kathleen Virginia Simms11/15/1946
Norene Elaine Smith10/17/1947
Elizabeth Ruth Smith8/25/1944
Betty Colleen Smithers10/21/1947
Charlcie Dean Solomon9/15/1945
Fannie Mae Sorrell12/4/1945
Lennie Frances Spears7/14/1947
Ellie Ruth Stephens2/5/1948
Mary Jane Stewart8/31/1945
Elizabeth Imogene Sullivan9/15/1945
Joyce Gloria Sullivan10/21/1947
Vivan Opal Thompson12/6/1947
Pauline Valentine7/9/1947
Naoma Ruth Viles8/31/1944
Margaret Pearl Weems3/13/1947
Charlene White8/31/1945
Edith Estelle Whitt9/2/1945
Iris Edna Whitt9/28/1946
Alma Cline Williams9/1/1948
Betty Jean Williams2/23/1947
Mary Edna Williford2/11/1947
Helen Allene Womac9/25/1945
Sarah Evelyn Womac9/5/1945

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