Fall Term, 1890, Opens at TMC

Tennessee Medical College.  The Fall Term to Open this Morning.  Brilliant Prospects

Tennessee Medical college opens this morning for the fall term.  The introductory lecture will be delivered at 11 a.m., by Dr. Lancaster, professor of practice.  The lecture will be given at Patterson’s hall where the lectures will be delivered until the new college building is completed.  This will be about October 1st, and then one of the most handsome buildings in the state will be occupied.

The prospects for the school are said to be most flattering indeed.  There are already enrolled a large number of students, who will be in attendance.  It is expected that the attendance this year will about double that of last year and it may be larger.  It seems that this medical college which started in a modest way one year ago, is destined to become one of the big institutions of this country.  The building, which is about completed, will compare favorably with any in this country.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 8, 1890, page 3


Medical College.  The Opening Lecture Delivered Yesterday by Dr. Lancaster

The Tennessee Medical college opened its fall term yesterday morning at Patterson hall, corner of Crozier and Broad streets.

Rev. Dr. Sutherland opened the exercises with prayer, after which Dr. C. C. Lancaster delivered the opening address on the subject of “Hygiene.”

The gentleman stated, by way of introductory remarks, that the institution could well congratulate itself upon its success.  The new building was about completed and there would be one hundred students in attendance by the time the regular term opens, October 1st.

The doctor then began the discussion of his subject proper.  He thought that it was much better for a doctor to devote his time and ability to the prevention of diseases rather than wait for the disease when a remedy was demanded.  More good could be accomplished by proper hygienic care and common sense than all the medicine in caressing perfect health and happiness.  Observance of the laws of health would do more in causing the human family to be strong and robust than all the doctors.

The doctor spoke of marriage and said that the individual should use great care in selecting a mate.  If one possessed a constitutional weakness, the mate chosen should not possess that weakness.  If the man’s family has a trace of consumption his wife’s family should be absolutely free from it if their offspring were not to fall victims to the disease.

Disease, the doctor said, was the product of the abuse of health.  Only a compliance with the laws of health could produce health of constitution.  By the proper observance of hygienic laws and by the use of good sense, in two or three generations parents would be rewarded by robust offspring for their care.

The address was heard by a large number of citizen [sic], and Dr. Lancaster was warmly congratulated.

The second year for the college has now opened and the outlook was never so bright.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 9, 1890, page 1

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