End-of-Term Praise for TMC in 1895

Tennessee Medical College.  An Institution that Does Itself Credit and Is an Honor to Knoxville

It is barely possible and not improbable that there are people in Knoxville who are well informed on most subjects and are yet ignorant of the fact that we have here in our city one of the most thorough, efficient and ablest offered medical colleges in the whole south.  The Tennessee Medical College is a credit to its able faculty and an honor to the city in which it is located.  Preparatory to the closing of the present term, examinations are now in progress and a week from this evening the annual commencement exercises will be held at Staub’s theater.

The examination was completed yesterday of classes in anatomy, physiology, opthalmology and Laryogology [sic].  Today the clasess [sic] will be examined in chemistry, toxocology [sic], materia medica and therapeutics.

It is encouraging to know that during the year just closing the atetndance [sic] of students has been in excess of any year in the history of the institution.  The graduating class will not, however, be so large as some others, owing to the fact that the curiculum [sic] pursued has been enlarged.  The Tennessee Medical college is growing in favor and in usefulness.  It is meritorious in all respects and deserves encouragement.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, March 19, 1895, page 4

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