Details of Knoxville’s Purchase of LMU Hospital

Lincoln Memorial Hospital Will Become City’s Property for Sale Price of $65,000

City Commissioners Agree on Preposition Made by Trustees of Lincoln Memorial University. Hospital Property Acquired by Deal Will Become a Part of Knoxville General Hospital. Improvement of Buildings Is Expected Immediately – Purchase Relieves Threatened Shortage of Hospital Facilities.

Knoxville Journal, December 14, 1917, Page 14

LMU Property in 1917

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Photo caption: Lincoln Memorial Hospital buildings which were acquired from Lincoln Memorial University Friday by the city as a result of the commission’s action agreeing to a purchase price of $65,000. The buildings are located on Cleveland Place between Munson and Dameron avenues. It will consolidate with the Knoxville General Hospital.

Lincoln Memorial hospital, the medical college building, a new laboratory operated in connection with the institution and a building at the rear of the hospital will be purchased by the Knoxville city commission for the consideration of $65,000. The trustees of Lincoln Memorial University and the city commission of Knoxville consummated the deal Thursday afternoon.

The local hospital was closed only a few days ago by orders from the trustees of Lincoln Memorial university following action of the city commission to declining [sic] to pay $65,000 for the institution. However, the matter was again under consideration and the commission reached a final decision to pay the sum originally asked for the hospital.

Until recently a majority of the commission was in favor of taking over the institution, but objected to paying more than $60,000 for the properties. The need for additional hospital facilities in connection with the Knoxville General hospital has been outstanding for the last two or three years and at various times the matter was taken up by the commission for consideration.

Many officials favored the erection of an entirely new addition or annex. After the commission declined to accept the offer of the hospital for $65,000, a conference of Baptist ministers was held in Knoxville and steps were taken to acquire the institution, and the proposed deal was pending, and many were expecting more definite action to be started in the near future.

Since it was definitely announced that the deal was consummated, placing the institution in the hands of the city commission, officials say some notable improvements will be started soon, and the hospital will be operated under the management and as part of the Knoxville General hospital. The Lincoln Memorial hospital has seventy rooms and the Knoxville General hospital has eighty rooms. Plans are being suggested for some changes in the two institutions that will make available 350 rooms for interned patients.

A maternity hospital will be arranged in the laboratory building. A nurses’ house for the sixty nurses will be constructed from the old medical college department.

A few days will be required for the deeds to be formally signed and transferred to the city commission.

Officials at Lincoln Memorial hospital said Thursday afternoon that orders had been received to re-open the institution to the public, and hereafter patients will be received for treatment. Dr. John F. Massey, superintendent of the Knoxville General hospital, will be in charge of the consolidated institution, it was stated by officials.

The merging of the two institutions will give Knoxville improved hospital facilities and the institution will be operated on modern and the latest approved methods.

Lincoln Memorial hospital is located just across the street from the Knoxville General hospital on Cleveland place, between Dameron avenue and Munson avenue, and was established eleven years ago by the trustees of Lincoln Memorial university to be operated in connection with the medical college operated in Knoxville. Knoxvillians no doubt will express satisfaction over the final action of the commission in acquiring the institution, which will maintain this city’s reputation for good facilities for taking care of patients from this city and surrounding section.

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