Building Contractors in Lawsuit with TMC (1892)

Circuit Court Matters

The circuit court is still wrestling with the case of Stevenson, Getaz & Co. vs. Tennessee medical college.  On agreement of the court and attorneys, the jury was sent out to inspect the building of the said college and were given a special car over Jay Gould Duncan’s line from the court house.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, November 30, 1892, page 5


Medical College Case.  Judgment Awarded Stephenson, Getaz & Co. for $5,168.29

After five days of good hard work in the circuit court a verdict was reached last evening in the case of Stephenson, Getaz & Co. vs. Tennessee medical college.

The complainants had sued the college for a balance due on the contract for erecting the college building, amount to $5,000; also for extra work claimed to have been done on the building.  The defense claimed that a portion of the work agreed to be done, was not done and some that was done was very imperfectly done and a good portion of it was not completed until seventy days after the time specified in the contract.  On this latter default the college claimed the penalty of $25, a day provided in the contract.  There arose several fine mathematical calculations which the jury had to wrestle with, and it was necessary for the judge to instruct and send the jury out several times before their verdict was made in an intelligible shape.

After allowing what was justly due the college in damages, judgment was awarded Stevenson, Getaz & Co. the sum of $5,168.29.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, December 4, 1892, page 7


Circuit Court Affairs.  Business of an Interesting Nature Transacted Yesterday

Considerable business of more than the usual interest was conducted in circuit court yesterday.

After a long siege of “figgering” the jury on the Stephenson, Getaz — Tennessee Medical college case, came in with a verdict last evening.  It was as follows:  Defendants owe plaintiffs $5,336.35 and plaintiffs owe the college $2,047.58, leaving a balance due the contractors from the college of $3,288.77.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, March 31, 1893, page 3

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