Baseball Game for Hospital Fund-raiser in 1896

Play for Charity.  The Semi-Professionals Aid to the Hospital Fund

The next for the benefit of the hospital fund will be a genuine semi-professional ball game.  The idea of such a game originated in the mind of Mr. M. F. Flenniken who is an enthusiastic supporter and worker in the hospital cause.  He is a member of the secret orders hospital committee, and has done valiant work in the interest of the movement.

The plan as above stated, is to have a thoroughly up-to-date game of ball such as will received [sic] merited patronage of the Knoxville public.  The game will be played at Baldwin park as Manager Moffett has offered th [sic] use of the park free of all cost.

As with the other schemes that have been carried out in the interest of the hospital the ladies will figure conspicuously in this one.  Young ladies will preside at the ticket window and will also collect the tickets both at the gate and at the grand stand.  They will find the knowledge gained in collecting fares on the street cars on “hospital day” to be of inestimable value on this coming occasion.

The feature of the game will be that of its being umpired by a lady.  The Journal is not permitted to give the lady’s name at present but the public may rest assured that she is an enthusiast and will feel perfectly at home on the diamond.

The teams to play will be under the management of Messrs. M. F. Flenniken and J. M. Creamer.  Mr. Flenniken’s team will be taken from the following list of players.

O. W. Patton, A. Y. Burrows, Guy Smithson, Walter Waters, Henry Gibbins, Ben Galyon, Rufe Rogers, Charley Newman, James Crawford, E. Logan George.

Mr. Creamer will have as his champions the following named gentlemen:

B. R. Dix, A. G. Mann, Will Hornsby, John L. Meek, Cary Spence, Horace VanDeVenter, Henry Godwin, E. T. White, Dr. R. P. Openheimer, Dr. H. K. Wingert.

The game is already an assured thing and it will doubtless bring in a considerable amount for the benefit of the hospital.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 13, 1896, page 14


Base Ball News.  Hospital Game at Baldwin Park Tomorrow Afternoon

Hospital Line-Up

The line-up for to-morrow’s game will be as follows:

Creamers Flennikens
Cribbins short-stop Ben Galyon
H. K. Wingert catcher “Col.” George
C. Spence pitcher H. Gibbins
H. Godwin 1st base W. Woodruff
B. R. Dix 2nd base Ed Maloney
E. T. White 3rd base W. Warters
W. M. Hornsby left field A. Y. Burrows
H. Van Deventer c. field J. Crawford
Arthur Mann right field G. Smithson

Ed Houk, J. M. Creamer and Prof. Rhineheart substitutes for Creamers’ team; and Rufe Rogers, Lee Hall and O. W. Patton for Flenniken’s team.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 23, 1896, page 5


Hospital Base Ball.  Game of the Season at Baldwin Park Tomorrow Afternoon

The benefit ball game for the hospital fund will be played at Baldwin park tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o’clock.  Both the Creamers and Flennikens, the two teams that are to cross bats, were hard at work practicing yesterday, and they proposed putting up an excellent game.

As indicated above, the teams are under the direction of Messrs. J. M. Creamer and M. F. Flenniken, and both gentlemen have worked hard for the success of the feature ever since it was first suggested by Mr. Creamer.

A novel feature of the game will be that of having a lady officiate as umpire.  The lady to whom this honor has been assigned is an enthusiast when it comes to base ball, and she is well qualified to pass upon the merits of the plays made by the boys.

It is the purpose of the ladies to make this a paying scheme towards aiding the hospital fund, and they therefore desire to appeal to the public to turn out en masses to the game to-morrow.

The players, together with their positions, will be as follows:

Flennikens Creamers
Edgard George c Harry Wingert
Henry Gibbons p Jas. Cribbins
Ed. Maloney ss Cary Spence
Chas. Newman 1b Henry Godwin
Guy Smithson 2b B. R. Dix
W. Waters 3b E. T. White
A. Y. Burrows lf W. M. Hornsby
James Crawford cf H. VanDeventer
Rufus Rogers rf A. G. Mantt

*Will Newman will pitch the last half of the game for the Flennikins.

Remember the time and place.  Tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o’clock, at Baldwin park. Admission 25 cents.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 24, 1896, page 8


Hospital Game To Be Played at Baldwin this Afternoon

The hospital benefit ball game will be played at Baldwin park this afternoon.  The teams are composed of local boys who do not make a business of ball playing and the game promises to be one of the best.  The feature of the game, however, will be the lady umpire.  For the past season Mrs. _____ has taken great interest in the sport at Baldwin park, attending almost all the games of the season.  Mrs. _____ is quite up to date on Spalding’s rules and will mete out justice to all in an impartial manner.

There will be a crowd of fifteen lady “rooters” for each team and each crowd will see who can make the most noise.  The “rooters” for the Creamers will wear blue badges and those of the Flennikens orange.

The refreshment stands will be presided over by Miss Lewis, Miss McCreary, Miss Williams, Miss Margaret Rogers, Miss Ella Williams and Miss Mary Allison.  Misses Mary Fleming and Annie Cornick will keep the gate and Misses Helen Wallace and May Tillman will take the grand stand.  The line up will be as follows:

Flennikens Creamers
George catcher Wingert
Gibbins* pitcher Cribbins
Maloney short stop Spence
Newman first base Godwin
Smithson second base Dix
W. Waters third base Houk
Burrows left field Hornsby
Crawford center field VanDeventer
Rogers right field Mann

*Will Newman will pitch the last half of the game for the Flennikens.

Remember the time and pace [sic], this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock at Baldwin park.  Admission 25 cents.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 25, 1896, page 5


Flennikens vs. Creamers.  Probability of a Second Hospital Game

The “Flenniken” base ball team, that was defeated by the “Creamers” in the benefit game for the hospital,  desire it understood that it is not discouraged over the defeat, but would be glad to have another change at the “Creamers.”

Mr. Mike Flenniken who is sole owner and manager of the defeated team, therefore requests The Journal to state that his team challenges the “Creamers” to meet them on the first day Baldwin Park can be secured.  Mr. Flenniken is confident that his team can win in this second encounter, and is exceedingly anxious that the challenge be accepted.

Capt. A. Y. Burrows, who put up such an excellent game for the “Flennikens” feels that he has been greatly misrepresented by being published in another morning paper as being “Capt. A. Y. Burrows, who helped defeat the Flennikens.”  The truth is the captain put up an excellent game, and was one of the star players of Mr. Flenniken’s aggregation.  Mike as “signed” him for all the games in which his team will participate and this alone is considered as a very strong evidence of the captain’s ability in wielding the willow and manipulating the sphere.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, September 28, 1896, page 3

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