Anne Rueter Arnhart (Class of 1947) Named a 1983 Nurse of the Year

Anne Arnhart of Alexandria, a psychiatric nurse therapist, has been selected 1983 nurse of the year by a committee of Alexandria Hospital physicians. “Arnhart has demonstrated leadership, dedication, warmth, understanding and a sense of steady performance under difficult circumstances,” said Dr. Joel B. Nadler, committee chairman.

A graduate of the Knoxville School of Nursing in Tennessee, Arnhart began working at Alexandria Hospital 16 years ago on a medical unit. Within a few months, she was transferred to the psychiatric unit and soon enrolled in a two-year program at the Psychiatric Institute Foundation’s Center for Group Studies in Washington, D.C. in an effort to learn how to be more effective in dealing with patients. She earned certification as a group psychotherapist and continued working on the hospital’s psychiatric unit.

Arnhart also has worked as a group counselor for the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Home for five years and has served on the boards of the Alexandria chapters of the American Cancer Society and the Mental Health Association.

Source: The Washington Post, January 26, 1984, Final Edition, Section: Virginia Weekly; People Va. 10


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