A Modern Knoxville Hospital Proposed, 1891

A Noble Charity — Knoxville to have a Hospital of Modern Build

The Knoxville Dramatic Club to Give an Entertainment at Staub’s in Its Behalf

Knoxville’s citizens have long been noted for charity and hospitality. Knoxville is justly celebrated for its numerous and handsome churches and for its able pastors. It is truly proud of the Episcopal orphanage and the Margaret McClung Industrial Home, but for some reason it has never, as other cities of its size, manifested the proper appreciation for the need of a well equipped and modern hospital, where the poor can receive the best medical and surgical skill, together with properly trained nurses and all the comforts and surroundings of the homes of the rich.

The very essence of Christianity is charity and charity’s noblest work is comprised in the ministration to the afflicted. The hospital furnished by the city is inadequate for the city’s needs. It is an old structure – indeed one of the oldest houses in the city and must be septic from cellar to garret. What the city needs is a modern hospital constructed upon modern principles.

The Board of Trustees and Faculty of Tennessee Medical College propose to open subscriptions appealing to the citizens of Knoxville to raise funds to construct a magnificent hospital. The College authorities will donate the ground.

Already the movement has taken form. A finance committee composed of prominent men will soon be announced and a ladies’ auxiliary finance board is to be selected and earnest work begun. It is believed that the city will dispose of the old hospital building on State Street, and perfect arrangements with the new hospital for entering its patients at a per diem, thus saving to the city at least one thousand dollars per year.

The Knoxville Dramatic club is the first to come forward in the noble enterprise and has kindly offered to give a performance in aid of the hospital fund. The offer has been gladly accepted.

The Knoxville Dramatic club has earned such great reputation as amateurs in our midst that the simple announcement of the taste of the performance, coupled with the most charitable and worthy cause ought to be sufficient to pack Staub’s Theatre from pit to cock-loft.

The club will present the pleasing comedy of “Tulu” by Grace L Furness, on Friday evening May 8th. This little comedy had a phenomenal run in New York a year ago and was received every night by packed houses.

The Dramatic club has spared no expense in costuming the play, all of which comes from Cincinnati and New York, and the cast of characters is so strong that it is expected to be a master effort by the club. Let a full house greet “Tulu” on the 8th of May and show appreciation of the noble, charitable undertaking and our excellent local dramatic event.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, April 26, 1891, page 13

Transcribed by Mary Beth George Racite.

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