West-Ellis Chattanooga ANA Members, 1929-1936

Data in the table below were drawn from rosters compiled on American Nurses Association Form “A” with the heading Tennessee State Nurses Association — District 4 — West-Ellis Hospital Alumnae Association — Address 612 West 9th St., Chattanooga, Tenn.

These are the only known surviving rosters in the region.  ANA may have more.

SurnameGiven Name(s)TitleAddressNumber1929-301933-41934-51935-6Affiliation Chapter Office
AndersonNellMiss4103 Cain Ave (1929-30)
Monroe Apt. Pine St. (1934-5)
9th & Georgia Ave (1933-4)
2546xxxSt Thomas Nashville
ArgoJewellMrsChildrens Hospital1534xSt Thomas Nashville
BakesHowieMrs614 West 9th St3071xxMemphis General
BassEvelynMrsCity Hall (1929-30)
352 Glenwood Dr (1934-6)
1756xxxxSt Thomas Nashville
BatesGussieMiss3213 - 5th Ave1919XWomans Hospital NY
BrockmanEmmaMrs613 West 9th St252x
BrowningAnna Mae612-1/2 Poplar St3258xSt Thomas Nashville
BurchMaeMissCity Hall1757xSt Thomas Nashville
ComptonZanaMrs520 Young St (1929-30)
709 Battery Pl (1934-6)
520 Young St (1933-4)
688xxxxSt Thomas NashvillePres 1933-5
CosbyMarthaMissRobinson Apt 614 W 9th St247x
Counton?Illegible surname pencilled in; no other info2259x
DanielsTheolaMiss418-1/2 Vine St
2416 East 3rd St (1934-6)
1002xxxxWomans Hospital NY
DixonAnna LouMiss4103 Cain Ave (1929-30)
612 West 9th St (1934-6)
(2716 in 1933-4; 2796 1929-30)
xxxSt Thomas Nashville
ElliottIreneMissFort Oglethorpe3535xxSt Thomas Nashville
FerreeC. E. (Carolyn)MrsChattanooga Hospital 539 Oak St (1929-30)
612 West 9th St (1934-6)
248xxxSecy 1933-4
GreenVestaMrs612 West 9th St5908xxNashville GeneralSecy 1934-5
Pres 1935-6
GriffithMaryMrs612 West 9th St1835xSt Thomas Nashville
HandWillie MaeMissSt Elmo (1929-30)
216 Jernigan Ave (1934-6)
2861xxxSt Thomas NashvilleSecy 1935-6
HogeD. D. (Daisy) / ShirleyMrs612 West 9th St (1929-30)
716 Forrest Ave (1934-6)
KrugNeatieMiss612 West 9th St (1929-30)
Fort Oglethorpe (1934-5)
2401 Long St (1933-34, 1935-6)
3763xxxSt Thomas Nashville
LanghamDonnaMiss614 West 9th St1287xSt Thomas Nashville
NewlinSusieMrs1411 West 53rd St2259xSt Thomas Nashville
NicklesMarthaMiss614 West 9th St1759xSt Thomas Nashville
ONealIreneMrs614 West 9th St3764xSt Thomas Nashville
ParksRuby NunnMrs614 West 9th St (1934-5)
612 West 9t St (1935-6)
2641xxSt Thomas Nashville
PollardMildredMiss509 Forstner St2859xSt Thomas Nashville
PowellLola BrysonMrs216 Jernigan Ave (1934-5)
St Elmo (1935-6)
1755xxSt Thomas Nashville
RayLuraMissHighland Park (1929-30)
Delaware Apt High St (1934-5)
YWCA W 8th St (1933-4)
2642xxxxSt Thomas Nashville
RogersJewellMissChildrens Hospital1543xSt Thomas Nashville
RogersMyrtleMiss612 West 9th St896xWomans Hospital NY
RubrightOmerMrsArcadia Heights1287xGouveneur Hospital NY
SteeleHelenMiss2500 Whiteside (1929-30)
312 Vine St (1934-6)
695 (1929-30; 1933-34)
xxxxCincinnati General
ThomasClara MaeMiss415-1/2 West 6th St2643xSt Thomas Nashville
Smith (1929-30)
PaulineMrs509 Forstner St (1929-30)
Fort Oglethorpe (1934-6)
2858xxxSt Thomas Nashville
WilsonVeraMissSt Elmo286?6?xSt Thomas Nashville
WrightJuliaMiss411 Lindsay St (1929-30)
21 Marguerite Apt. Houston St (1933-34)
15 Bluff View (1934-35)
612-1/2 Poplar (1935-36)
763xxxxCincinnati General

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