U-T Med School Asked for Military Training Unit in 1940

Wants To Be Active in National Defense, Says Dean

The U-T Medical Division at Memphis is ready to take an active part in national defense, and to that end, application for a Reserve Officers Training unit at Memphis has been made, according to Dean O. W. Hyman.

“Valuable time could be saved if the students were given training in military organization during the time they are receiving their professional training,” said Dean Hyman.

The U-T medical unit can graduate 100 physicians, 100 dentists, 80 pharmacists and 80 nurses annually with its present facilities.  The training period for dentists and pharmacists could be speeded up by adding another quarter.  Training of supplementary personnel for the medical service also would be speeded up, he said.

“Effective medical service, in a broad sense, is essential to the maintenance of armed forces.  Lice and bacteria have destroyed more armies than tanks and planes,” Dean Hyman said.

Source:  Knoxville News-Sentinel, July 14, 1940, page 7

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