Praise for TMC Faculty in 1890


We should think that, in a city the size of Knoxville, a great many persons who are suffering from disease of various classes, would avail themselves of the benefits offered by our medical college.  In the first place, its faculty is made up of able physicians, no better in the state.  In giving instructions to the students, it is necessary to have clinics.  The faculty will gladly treat persons who are able to go to the college and willing to serve as clinics free of charge.  There may be a foolish prejudice in the minds of some persons to the effect that patients would be experimented upon to their injury.  This is very foolish.  The object of the faculty in medical colleges is to teach young men how to cure people, not to kill them.  No better opportunity could be afforded for skillful treatment than in these colleges.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, December 31, 1890, page 2

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