Nursing Students of Chamberlain Memorial Hospital, Rockwood

This list is taken from the TN State Library & Archives finding aid for Record Group 97.  Accuracy of spelling and dates have not been verified.

There is no information in the finding aid regarding completeness of the list. 

The source of the list is unconfirmed.  Items from Chamberlain Memorial in RG 97 are designated as confidential, so they are not viewable by the public.

StudentDate Range
Margaret Richards1918-1931
Lula Whitley1918-1931
Margaret Bowling1918-1931
Gladys Edwina Mingis1918-1931
Patsy P. Russell1918-1931
Margaret Swan1918-1931
Helen Richards1918-1931
Edith Pauline Nance1918-1931
Nora Kelly1918-1931
Kate Kenmer1918-1931
Maxine Manning1918-1931
Jane Dyal1918-1931
Bernice Mae Brown1918-1931
Lucille Awings1918-1931
Inda Kesterson1918-1931
Mildred Taylor1918-1931
Sallie Dyal1918-1931
Lennis Weaver1918-1931
Lena Florence Kries1918-1931
Allene Josephine Shadowen1918-1931
Robbie Lou Powell1918-1931
Thelma Jackson1918-1931
Margurite Taylor1918-1931
Ella Mae Fritts1918-1931
Eryestine Burnett1918-1931
Myrtle Elliot Molynux1918-1931
Elizabeth Jolly1918-1931
Lucille Hicks1918-1931
Dorothy Fleming1918-1931
Lela Gresham1918-1931
Lucille Hightower1918-1931
Grace Crumbliss1918-1931
Uela Powell1918-1931
Mildred Qualls1918-1931
Katherine Smith1918-1931
Edith Winters1918-1931
Sallie Mitchell1918-1931
Lillian Wilhoit1918-1931
Flora Pierce1918-1931
Mabel Brown1918-1931
Viola Mary Richards1918-1931
Opal Aileen Jones1918-1931
Bernice Williams1918-1931
Thelma Chapman1918-1931
Idella Mae Rollins1918-1931
Fannie Lee Nipper1918-1931
Alta Fern Bell1918-1931
Christian Ruff1918-1931
Allene Dodd1918-1931
Ruby Blair Hart1918-1931
Leona Miller1918-1931
Mary Jane Hamby1918-1931
Ethel Dodd1918-1931
Lela Cluck1918-1931
Rosella Meeks1918-1931
Mable Brown1918-1931
Lucille Hightower1918-1931
Lela Greshan1918-1931
Margurite Taylor1918-1931
Thelma Jackson1918-1931
Lenice Weaver1918-1931
Mildred Taylor1918-1931
Jane Dyal1918-1931
Maud Venable1921
Metta Leola Huffine1921
Anna Pearle Herron1921
Bertha Phillips1921
Ora Mae Ford1921
Florence Stout1921
Beulah York1921
Ruby Edwards1921
Josephine McNabb1921
Ruby Ford1921
Novella Ford1921
Pearl Williams1921
Mary Robinson1921
Bena Ford1921
Vesta Hodges1921
Georgia Oliver1921
Mae Estes1921
Jennie Beckett1921
Pearl Hart1921
Ruth Shipley1921
Sala C. Mitchell1921
Bessie Hill1921
Edith Florence Hyder1921
Reba Gertrude Barney1921
Myrtle Leona Jones1921
Hattie Harrell1921
Pauline Osbourne1921
Lora Sparks1921
Ethel Alvalyn Jarvin1921
Ruth Edna Pearce1921
Gladys Lee Warren1921
Eula Rice1921
Mildred Qualls Johnson1921
Annie Mae Beaver1921
Julia York1921
Juanita Alley Stone1921
Willie Ellen Early1942-1945
Ina Bone1942-1945
Evelyn Early1942-1945
Edith Butler1942-1945
Nina Cliff1942-1945


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