Museum Director Promoted to Full Professor

June, 2017, ETSU News Release

Martha Whaley holds her official notice of promotion in front of a banner for the Department of Learning Resources

Congratulations to Martha Whaley, who has been promoted to full professor! Ms. Whaley is the Technical Services Coordinator and History of Medicine Librarian for the ETSU Medical Library. She directs the Museum at Mountain Home as well as working with the library’s historical, archives, and current collections. Martha has been a terrific asset to the Department of Learning Resources and the College of Medicine for many years, and this recognition is well-deserved. 

Ms. Whaley has previously volunteered her service as Interirm Associate Dean for both Learning Resources and Continuing Medical Education. She earned her Master of Library Science degree from Emory University in Atlanta, and has been very active in preserving the history of healthcare in Appalachia and engaging scholars with the history of medicine. She currently serves on the board of the Rocky Mount Historical Association and is involved in local, state, and regional museum organizations.

Congratulations to Martha as well as the many deserving ETSU personnel who recently received promotions to associate professor and full professor and those who received tenure. 


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