LMU Hospital Almost Became First Baptist Facility

Baptists May Assume Lincoln Hospital

Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 18. — (Special.) — Lincoln Memorial hospital, valued at $100,000, located at Knoxville, but the property of Lincoln Memorial university at Harrogate, which is soon to be closed for financial reasons, may become a Baptist institution if the present plans of the Baptists of this city mature.  Physicians here have advanced a proposition in cooperation with a leading Baptist minister, whereby it is proposed that the members of his church purchase and operate the property.

After running the hospital at a loss for some time, the trustees failed in an effort to sell it to the city of Knoxville.  This new proposition is made in an effort to save the institution to the people of this city, and is in line with tentative plans arranged by the recent state Baptist convention at Memphis to establish a chain of Baptist hospitals at Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis.

Source:  Nashville Tennessean and American, November 19, 1917, page 4

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