Knoxville College Hospital Established in 1906

Knoxville College Hospital

Digital Initiatives, James E. Walker Library, Middle Tennessee State University, Source: Beck Cultural Exchange Center

Knoxville College Hospital Knoxville, Tenn, Established 1906; public for colored patients, 17 beds, Miss Helen Ferguson RN, superintendent. (Source: Hospital Management, Volume 14, No. 5, Crain Publishing Company, 1922, p. 88).

In 1917, Polk’s Medical Register & Directory of the United States and Canada indicates the hospital was located at 1825 Clinton Road and had a capacity of 20. It was private (students only), and Mrs. M. S. White was Superintendent (page 1416).

This hospital is also called the Eliza B. Wallace Hospital, after a woman who worked to raise money to build the hospital.

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