Howard-Henderson Hospital Bought by Three Surgeons

Howard-Henderson Hospital Bought by Three Surgeons

Knoxville Journal, November 28, 1945, Page 1

Surgeons Purchasing Howard Henderson Hospital in 1945

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Three young Knoxville surgeons — all of whom served with the U. S. Army Medical Corps — yesterday signed a contract for the purchase of Howard-Henderson Hospital on Kingston Pike, the change in ownership to become effective next Jan. 1.

Doctors Park Nicely, George M. Kelley, and Roy A. Fisher, all native Knoxvillians, announced they have purchased the hospital from Dr. J. Victor Henderson for an “undisclosed sum.”

The hospital will be renamed Kingston Pike Hospital, the three physicians declared in a joint statement.

Patients will be received under the new management, beginning Jan. 1, and the three surgeons declared their hospital “will be open to all accredited physicians in Knoxville and surrounding communities.”

“One of our first objects is to have the hospital approved by the American Hospital Association,” they said.

Possessing a 40-bed capacity, with possible additions completed, the new Kingston Pike Hospital is expected to relieve considerably Knoxville’s other over-crowed hospitals — Fort Sanders, St. Mary’s and General.

The three young physicians — two of whom, Dr. Kelley and Dr. Nicely, still are on terminal leave from the Army — said they would discuss new plans for the hospital at the next meeting of the Knox County Medical Association.

Their move yesterday received the congratulations of Dr. Herbert Acuff, Knox Medical Association president, who declared:

“I think it is a forward step for Knoxville, and the three physicians are to be congratulated. They’re all capable young men and good physicians.”

Dr. Henderson, speaking after the contract was signed, declared he was retiring from hospital work.

“I plan to take an extensive vacation,” he said.

It was revealed that more than 15,000 patients have been treated at the hospital since its organization in 1927.* Dr. B. V. Howard, who jointly owned the hospital with Dr. Henderson for many years, died in May, 1943.

Any changes or additions to hospital personnel are still in the planning stage, the three physicians said but they indicated the hospital would be on a “full operating basis” by Jan. 1 when they assumed control.

Doctors Nicely, Kelley, and Fisher will have their offices at the hospital, and it is understood two other Army medical officers may also have space there. The complete hospital staff is as yet undetermined, they said.

All three of the physicians were graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School at Memphis, and are accredited by the Tennessee Medical Association.

Dr. Kelley**, 39, a general surgeon, owned and operated Kelley Hospital at Lake City, Tenn., for 12 years and has had 15 years medical experience. He returned to the United Stats last August after spending 26 months with the U. S. Medical Corps in North Africa and Italy, participating in the Salerno invasion. He now practices in Knoxville.

Forty-one-year-old*** Dr. Nicely is an [sic] urology specialist and surgeon, having obtained a master’s degree in that specialty from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a resident physician with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Montreal, Canada, and at Grady Hospital, connected with Emory University, Atlanta, Ga., and practiced in Knoxville for a number of years. Dr. Nicely spent 19 months overseas with general hospitals in England and France.

Dr. Fisher**** after interneship [sic] at John Gaston Hospital in Memphis, was associated with St. Margaret’s and Mercy Hospitals in Pittsburgh, Pa., and is a practicing Knoxville physician. He is a Junior Member of the American College of Surgeons and a Matriculate Member of the International College of Surgeons. While in the Army Dr. Fisher was stationed at Camp Beauregard and Camp Claiborne, La.

The three surgeons said they wanted to emphasize that the hospital under their management would not be a “closed hospital nor a closed clinic.”

The three physicians said they hoped the Kingston Pike Hospital under their management would be beneficial to the community and helpful in Knoxville’s progress in the battle against disease.”


Transcriber’s notes:

*Tennessee Board of Nursing records indicate Howard Henderson Hospital had a nurses’ training program from 1927-1938.

**Dr. Kelley, who died in 1955, was first married to Eunice White, KGH Class of 1930. She died in 1936.

***Dr. Eugene Park Niceley was born in September, 1902, which means he was 43 when this event occurred. He died November 28, 1991, exactly 46 years after the article was published.

****Dr. Roy Alm Fisher, Jr., died April 30, 1951, aged 36, of lymphoblastoma of several years’ duration. His death certificate also indicates he was in a significant auto accident in August, 1950. Dr. Fisher was born in Tennessee, but his parents were Pennsylvania natives. The 1950 Memphis City Directory contains a listing for a Roy A. Fisher, Jr., under the heading “Medicine and Surgery.”

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