Hospital Bids Rejected in August, 1896

All Bids Rejected.  Estimates on the new Hospital Are Called for Again

The hospital building committee held another meeting yesterday afternoon and as had been promised took definite action on the bids that had been submitted.

Ten bids had been put in but after thorough investigation and consideration they were all rejected and new bids will be advertised for.

The objections to the bids was [sic] the excess in amount over what the committee considered a sufficient sum to pay for the erection of the building planned.  Although the architect made estimate from the plans still the committee has a good idea what the building should cost and will not go much beyond this amount.

All of the bids were within a range of $600 of each other.

New bids will be received until noon on the 15th of this month.

Source:  Knoxville Daily Journal and Tribune, August 6, 1896, page 3

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